April 2007

i thought a little followup would be good, for anyone who might have read the last post. 

cassie did finally come home at some point today.  interesting fact – she was at school for at least part of the time, even attended at least one class. (lying is not one of her tricks) – however a call to the school from her dad AND from the police got the same answer – no, she isn’t here. hmmmm

so, i had to take a work break and drive her all the way to jacksonville for her dentist appointment.  that’s 45 min each way.  that’s what happens when you are the only one without a boss, i guess.

did manage to round up most of the fabrics i need for cutting kits for the next show.  i will tackle that first thing in the morning.  today, now, i am going to sit and fold and stuff patterns.  i will be leaving for market in salt lake city directly from the class i am teaching in grass valley next wed.  thank goodness i don’t have to take kits with me to that!  i expect them to be about gone again after the show in hollister and the talk/class in grass valley.  ok, i HOPE they will be. ^_^  i think i’ll just stick one of those pictures in here – of one of my patterns/kits.fuchsia

for anyone who has a teenager, you will probably relate.

i live with my son, who has three teens – in fact, i moved out here to be with them.  however, they were lovely little children at the time.  how could i have forgotten what was going to happen?? ^_^  at this time, only one of them, a girl (cassie) is still living here.  and she and dad are having some issues, so to speak. (mom lives somewhere else).  as a result, she did not come home last night and i guess has been doing her thing this whole weekend (while i was gone).  we are pretty sure where she is, but just haven’t been able to reach her by phone.  i suggested last night, that tom just call the police to help find her – perhaps help get thru’ to her??? 

well, this morning i decided to go up and see what was going on – and to make sure she was up and getting ready for school if she had come home.  (my cottage is about 100 feet from the big house).  so up i go, doing my best ‘maxine’ imitation – hair down and dirty, favorite robe (a Christmas gift in 1976!!!) and comfy once white, been up and down the wet muddy path a few too many times, slippers.  i open the door and come face to face with one of placerville’s (young) finest.  and immediately uttered something very intelligent, like – OH!  then stepped into the house and closed the door behind me and turned to face another – and repeated my intelligent remark.  geeeezzzzz  tom said “that’s my mom”.  i would guess they were as surprised as i – i mean it’s not every day maxine just comes barging into your home!  by the way, my cottage is not visable from the entrance to the big house, so they had NO idea where i came from! or who the heck i was!

we are pretty certain cassie is ok.  she was seen late yesterday with her friend and we guess she spent the night at her house – as she often does on weekends.  just hoping adding the police will have some impact.  i would love to have this trigger a real breakthru for them.  wish counseling weren’t so expensive – and that they would both be open to it.  lots of love and lots of anger.

as for me- home from medford and in the  crunch to get ready for hollister and then on to salt lake city for market.  with a stop in grass valley for a trunk show and then class.  very tight schedule these next two weeks.  need to fire my booking agent!! ^_^

just thought i’d add a picture of that path i always walk – between here and therethe path

Here I am, long trip, set up and first day under my belt.  The trip was relatively easy – the snow kindly stayed off the highway and only dusted the tress.  I guess they had had quite a bit the day before, as someone today told me that I-5 had been closed on Wed morning.  OH MY!! 

I didn’t get off by 5:30, never do seem to meet those deadlines.  I always save too much for the morning of – and the distance between my door and the van – more than 100 feet, so each trip takes a bit of time.

Set up was fine – I took my time, so was there about 5 hours.  Yes, I was pretty tired by the time I got here.  Didn’t last much past dinner.  Today was not so busy, and I am feeling pretty tired again.  (could the wine have anything to do with it?  surely not!)  It is already 8 p.m. and the light is beginning to fade.  Thank goodness – I hate going to bed while it’s still light. ^_^

Looks like a good show, so if you are in a day trip of Meford, Or – come on down.

ok, forgot to do the deal with the picture, so it didn’t make it to the published stage.  try that again.


sidetracked here again.  have just a couple more things to do to finish the jacket – as in hemming sleeves and bottom.  decided to try downloading another picture and this time it worked.  ya just never know with these computers.

i suspect i’m still just talking to myself here, but ain’t it fun.  with this thing you don’t have to wait for someone to send you an email.  you can just start ‘talking’ any ole time and pretend someone is actually listening.  maybe by the time i return from oregon there will be evidence of a listener or two.

well, i can see that i could spend a good bit of time doing this instead of the work i am supposed to be doing!  just returned from retrieving things from my rv – necessary items to set up the booth at the show this weekend. while there, my new found buddy who is the caretaker of the rv storage place came to chat (as always).  when i told him where i was headed, he told me to make sure i had my chains with me.  yikes!  yes, it is a tad chilly right here at 2000 feet, and lots of grey nasty looking clouds rushing by.  and i have to climb to just over 4000 feet in the area of mt shasta.  good grief.  then good ole erv walks over to one of the unoccupied storage sheds where he seems to always have stuff on its way to the local thrift store.  comes back to me with a brand new set, still in the handy carrying bag, of chains!  i just have the best guardian angel, i swear.  course, i don’t intend to even let it be snowing – still, better safe than sorry. 

my next stop was the grocery store, where i got some cash-back(rarely ever do that) – you know, just in case i need some to pay those guys to install the chains!

 ok, now i really do have to get to that jacket i’d like to have finished and ready to sell before i leave tomorrow.  can’t take a picture to put on here cause my card reader is not currently installed.  long long story about computers – no time for that now. ^_^  but maybe i can find a picture of the jacket i have on file – different fabric, same design.

ok, that didn’t work – again my picture didn’t upload properly.  i think it was too big, as it did show up here – huge.  but in the place where pics are filed – only the dreaded little red X

pepelap.jpgi am going to see if i was successful because i changed that image ppi, or if i followed the proper sequence(finally).  so, for those of you who might be concerned about the safety of your fancy new laptop – check out this disguise.

Let’s see if the image will get into here this time.Sophie

well, again, it looks like it is here. ??

sophiehmmm, looks like i finally figured out how to actually put a picture in here.

this one never got published – so just doing it now.  sure do miss this funny face. ^_^  she is with my friend ruth – in santa rosa.  much safer than at home with son and family.  besides, they are gone at work all day – long ‘no potty break’ day for her.

just noticed this still has the april post daye – today is really oct 30th

ok, so perhaps THIS is where i really talk to the world?  don’t really know what i’m doing here, so bear with me – so to speak.

as my ‘about me’ says, i am an applique pattern designer and am looking for other fans of applique.  if you are one, you can go to my webpage at www.artfullyapplique.com and check me out.

today is final day of preparation for a quilt show in medford, oregon.  must leave early in morning for 6 hour drive in order to get there and still have 3-4 hours for setup.  then will drive over to jacksonville to stay with friends – who will also dog-sit for me. (see sophie where ever pics show up on this thing)

 well, since i’m not real sure what i’m doing – and i have plenty of work to do – i will leave this for now.  perhaps add more later, after i check this out.