well, i can see that i could spend a good bit of time doing this instead of the work i am supposed to be doing!  just returned from retrieving things from my rv – necessary items to set up the booth at the show this weekend. while there, my new found buddy who is the caretaker of the rv storage place came to chat (as always).  when i told him where i was headed, he told me to make sure i had my chains with me.  yikes!  yes, it is a tad chilly right here at 2000 feet, and lots of grey nasty looking clouds rushing by.  and i have to climb to just over 4000 feet in the area of mt shasta.  good grief.  then good ole erv walks over to one of the unoccupied storage sheds where he seems to always have stuff on its way to the local thrift store.  comes back to me with a brand new set, still in the handy carrying bag, of chains!  i just have the best guardian angel, i swear.  course, i don’t intend to even let it be snowing – still, better safe than sorry. 

my next stop was the grocery store, where i got some cash-back(rarely ever do that) – you know, just in case i need some to pay those guys to install the chains!

 ok, now i really do have to get to that jacket i’d like to have finished and ready to sell before i leave tomorrow.  can’t take a picture to put on here cause my card reader is not currently installed.  long long story about computers – no time for that now. ^_^  but maybe i can find a picture of the jacket i have on file – different fabric, same design.

ok, that didn’t work – again my picture didn’t upload properly.  i think it was too big, as it did show up here – huge.  but in the place where pics are filed – only the dreaded little red X