ok, so perhaps THIS is where i really talk to the world?  don’t really know what i’m doing here, so bear with me – so to speak.

as my ‘about me’ says, i am an applique pattern designer and am looking for other fans of applique.  if you are one, you can go to my webpage at www.artfullyapplique.com and check me out.

today is final day of preparation for a quilt show in medford, oregon.  must leave early in morning for 6 hour drive in order to get there and still have 3-4 hours for setup.  then will drive over to jacksonville to stay with friends – who will also dog-sit for me. (see sophie where ever pics show up on this thing)

 well, since i’m not real sure what i’m doing – and i have plenty of work to do – i will leave this for now.  perhaps add more later, after i check this out.