Here I am, long trip, set up and first day under my belt.  The trip was relatively easy – the snow kindly stayed off the highway and only dusted the tress.  I guess they had had quite a bit the day before, as someone today told me that I-5 had been closed on Wed morning.  OH MY!! 

I didn’t get off by 5:30, never do seem to meet those deadlines.  I always save too much for the morning of – and the distance between my door and the van – more than 100 feet, so each trip takes a bit of time.

Set up was fine – I took my time, so was there about 5 hours.  Yes, I was pretty tired by the time I got here.  Didn’t last much past dinner.  Today was not so busy, and I am feeling pretty tired again.  (could the wine have anything to do with it?  surely not!)  It is already 8 p.m. and the light is beginning to fade.  Thank goodness – I hate going to bed while it’s still light. ^_^

Looks like a good show, so if you are in a day trip of Meford, Or – come on down.