i thought a little followup would be good, for anyone who might have read the last post. 

cassie did finally come home at some point today.  interesting fact – she was at school for at least part of the time, even attended at least one class. (lying is not one of her tricks) – however a call to the school from her dad AND from the police got the same answer – no, she isn’t here. hmmmm

so, i had to take a work break and drive her all the way to jacksonville for her dentist appointment.  that’s 45 min each way.  that’s what happens when you are the only one without a boss, i guess.

did manage to round up most of the fabrics i need for cutting kits for the next show.  i will tackle that first thing in the morning.  today, now, i am going to sit and fold and stuff patterns.  i will be leaving for market in salt lake city directly from the class i am teaching in grass valley next wed.  thank goodness i don’t have to take kits with me to that!  i expect them to be about gone again after the show in hollister and the talk/class in grass valley.  ok, i HOPE they will be. ^_^  i think i’ll just stick one of those pictures in here – of one of my patterns/kits.fuchsia