for anyone who has a teenager, you will probably relate.

i live with my son, who has three teens – in fact, i moved out here to be with them.  however, they were lovely little children at the time.  how could i have forgotten what was going to happen?? ^_^  at this time, only one of them, a girl (cassie) is still living here.  and she and dad are having some issues, so to speak. (mom lives somewhere else).  as a result, she did not come home last night and i guess has been doing her thing this whole weekend (while i was gone).  we are pretty sure where she is, but just haven’t been able to reach her by phone.  i suggested last night, that tom just call the police to help find her – perhaps help get thru’ to her??? 

well, this morning i decided to go up and see what was going on – and to make sure she was up and getting ready for school if she had come home.  (my cottage is about 100 feet from the big house).  so up i go, doing my best ‘maxine’ imitation – hair down and dirty, favorite robe (a Christmas gift in 1976!!!) and comfy once white, been up and down the wet muddy path a few too many times, slippers.  i open the door and come face to face with one of placerville’s (young) finest.  and immediately uttered something very intelligent, like – OH!  then stepped into the house and closed the door behind me and turned to face another – and repeated my intelligent remark.  geeeezzzzz  tom said “that’s my mom”.  i would guess they were as surprised as i – i mean it’s not every day maxine just comes barging into your home!  by the way, my cottage is not visable from the entrance to the big house, so they had NO idea where i came from! or who the heck i was!

we are pretty certain cassie is ok.  she was seen late yesterday with her friend and we guess she spent the night at her house – as she often does on weekends.  just hoping adding the police will have some impact.  i would love to have this trigger a real breakthru for them.  wish counseling weren’t so expensive – and that they would both be open to it.  lots of love and lots of anger.

as for me- home from medford and in the  crunch to get ready for hollister and then on to salt lake city for market.  with a stop in grass valley for a trunk show and then class.  very tight schedule these next two weeks.  need to fire my booking agent!! ^_^

just thought i’d add a picture of that path i always walk – between here and therethe path