May 2007

just thought i’d post something before i get started being ‘busy’ – perhaps will do two of these today?

can you believe i made such a big deal of starting that rv generator??!!  turns out it is the simple pushing of a button – i mean really!!  a button inside the cabine!!  good grief.  it fired on the second try.  so now i can say i am a real rv’er. ^_^  and i could park in a walmart parking lot with the best of them. (not a place i shop, but could be a case of ‘any port in a storm’, i guess).  good ole erv was there to supervise and advise. ^_^  i do feel pretty silly.

so, the real purpose of that visit was to get the last of the show stuff – which i did.  and today will be about final packing into the van and getting my clothes together. (that’s the hardest part).    on the way there i did go to myra’s and we ‘traded’ fabrics.  there were some things she has that i am currently using in kits and it’s good for me to share the bolts i buy since i really only (usually) need about a half bolt at a time.  some of the pieces in the kits are pretty small and it can take a long time to use up 15-18 yards.  if i share, i can buy new stuff sooner. ^_^

i also did stop and pick up the summer school schedule for cassie.  can you believe there is a waiting list for summer school??  makes ya wonder what is going on with the school system.  and that woman had a very large stack of schedules to hand out given it was the last two hours possible for picking up (before the space is given to someone on the waiting list).  crazy.  i mean, in my day going to summer school would have been a huge embarrassment at best – and hell to pay at home, at worst!!  progess??????  scary!!

at least it will be good to get those tubs out of  my bedroom.  i would so love to have a little bigger studio/house.  however, whenever i find myself being dragged down that ‘poor me’ path – i get myself to just be grateful for what i do have – and that’s a lot!!  perfect health, peace, love etc.  and the freedom to do what i love.  no real complaints here!!

so, i guess i’ll just get to it.  perhaps i’ll post a picture of that last mini – and maybe the loaded van. ^_^

have a lovely day, ya’ll

very close to being ready to go – only one kit left to fold.  except for the mini i saved to do with rachel.  they got home too late last night, so we will do it this evening.  as for the rest of this day – will be going to the rv and hopefully will get the generator fired up while there.  real purpose is to gather the last of the show/booth stuff – including my clothes.  on the way back i will be picking up the summer school schedule for cassie.  ahhh, cassie – and her dad(my son)!!  they really have a thing going on!  and i don’t mean a good one.  BIG communication breakdown, lots of hurt feelings on both sides.  teenagers and dysfunctional parents – not that’s a formula for diasaster.  just ask me, i know!  we don’t really believe her when she says she WILL go to summer school.  truth is, she doesn’t want to go to school at all.  and she’d like to go live with her mom, but won’t do it – wants tom to kick her out! (as reported by her brother, wade).

and then there is wade – moving back home.  seems uncle juan has been ‘saved’ and won’t put up with the drinking and messes wade loves to make.  tom says “can’t leave him on the street” – i am tempted to say – “and why not?  didn’t seem to hurt you any.”  ^_^ so i guess he will be here until his freeloading drives even tom to “tough love” – OR, wade will use the opportunity to get on track to something.  doing my best to let them all be! ^_^  i realized the other day that the reason i liked teens the first time around was that i was still trying to BE one.  now that i am “older & wiser” (ho ho ho), they are mostly just frustrating to me – at least ‘mine’ are.  i mean, how can you just not be interested in ANYthing with regard to ‘the rest of your life’, etc.  eat, drink, watch tv, play video/computer games AND talk on the phone(while doing all of the above!).  is that the new definition of ‘multi-tasking’???  perhaps i’m just missing something, here.  i think this raising kids thing is like the wages/cost of living thing.  i mean, sooner or later a generation is going to have to stop making it better/easier for their kids cause it looks to me like all we’ve done is raise a bunch of gimme,gimme people who expect everything for nothing, etc.  we make more and more money and things cost more and more.  we give our kids more and more and they just expect more and more and more – and don’t get that they have to ‘give’ (or do) anything.

well, i guess i can now step down from my soapbox and get back to something i do have some control over – what i do with my time! ^_^  first thing is to get something to eat – something i often forget to do once i begin working. 

have a lovely day, ya’ll

for some reason, while i was finishing up my daily journaling, the message was very strong to get this thing out of the closet and install the “office” program cd, etc etc.  of course that did not go as smoothly as planned.  ok, the office program went on just fine – it was the other hp updating that took forever.  and then, after all of that stuff was done and i went into my microsoft mail – i couldn’t send anything.  as usual it took me forever to remember how to get to where i needed to go to check for errors – all that pop3,etc stuff.  recently i had to make changes because the giants have joined together and we surfs have to figure out how to plug in all those stupid numbers in order to access what we are already paying for.  geeeezzzzz  and, of course, in the process my gut becomes totally activated and my inner critic is screaming at me what an idiot i am and how i’ll never get it figured out and probably have already screwed the whole computer up blah blah blah

so, i finally got there and one of the numbers was wrong.  have NO idea how it got changed.  those gremlins are certainly crafty.

on a lighter note – i did get all the kits cut, except one.  missing a fabric and may have to go visit my friend myra today or tomorrow.  in the meantime, i will finish folding and   packaging what i have.  and get at least half of the mini ginko finished.  i can probably do without that one kit for this show.  i will be in santa rosa, and while i wasn’t there last year, it was one of the first shows i ever did – way back when – when myra and i started out together.  while i have added a good bit since then, i do still have what i started with!  heck, it’s still selling!!

no, did not go to the rv.  still dragging my feet on that one.  must do before i leave for the show as there is still equipment i need – like the poles that allow me to create my booth walls, etc.  not to mention the dresses i wear at shows!  maybe tomorrow????  and still hoping for a comment from an rv’er – with group info??? ^_^

happy summer!!

doing my best to stay inspired, here.  have most of the kits cut, working on the last two mini’s.  promised rachel she could help me fold fabric today – so need those little pieces for her. ^_^  she does a really great job, and only 4!

still haven’t dragged myself over to the rv.  perhaps will tomorrow.  still hoping someone will write to me about a ‘group’ where i can get good info.  like about the care and feeding of that generator.

as promised i am adding a couple of pics.  not happy with how the iris one turned out – and this is the second try.  it’s only a fused sample, so not so great to begin with – but it’s the color thing i’m having trouble with.  i really do need to bite the bullet and hook up the new computer so i can begin using the new camera.  course, i won’t have a photoshop-type program to use.  will have to download the free irfanview and use that one.  so, that means learning new ‘stuff’.  it’s not that i don’t like the learning – it’s just that sometimes it takes the whole day and then i don’t get done what i need for the next show.  is a puzzlement!

this is the mini – missing head and feetnew-mbf.jpg  the mini’s are 6″ sq or circles.  and here is slightly funky new iris fused samplenew-nn-iris.jpg  this is the nearly nouveau series and they are 13-14″ blocks.  the circle is about 10″

missed writing yesterday – slept in a little and just tried to take it relatively easy all day.  it is a fine line to walk between being productive and being ‘compulsive’ about working. ^_^  while it is nice to have this weekend at home, i must resist the temptation to fall into the familiar habit of letting everything slide and then being frantic the last two days before heading off to the next show.

so – i did nearly finish the new sample for the mini butterfly.  i’m thinking i will leave it as it is – only missing the head and feet, which are just black like the antennae.  there are two other mini’s that need kits, and they are ginko’s.  that means i could do just half of each of those in order to show what the fabrics would look like – and could go ahead and cut the kits. (they are both mirror image designs)  that would give me a kit for each of the 15 mini’s.  for the first time ever!!  i did manage to choose fabrics for those last two.  maybe by tomorrow i will have a picture or two to post.

i also plan to do a new sample for the nearly nouveau iris – the original fabric is gone. 😦   for now, i will do a fused sample so i can have it for this weekend.

i also need to make a trip to the rv for the rest of the show stuff.  while there, if erv is there, i may see if we can get the generator to fire.  i made sure i came home with enough gas in the tank to be able to do that.  besides, gas was 10 cents cheaper in quincy than here!  unless you go to safeway and spend at least $50 on groceries to get the 10 cent discount at the pump!  which, of course, i did the other day while shopping for ‘just a few items’.  oh well, filled the van tank, so i’m good to go next weekend.

ok, guess i’d best get to it.  by the way – mr pepe is still guarding the suitcase. ^_^

did not leave the premises yesterday.  will have to  drag myself out today – out of wine! ^_^  and sophie really must have a new bed.  she has finally ripped the plastic bottom liner completely out – not to mention i can smell that dirty thing from here!!  she is 5 and my brother bought this one for her when i first got her, so i guess it is time.  i also plan to get some of those mosquito things to put into the ‘so called’ fountain outside the door.  (one of those half-barrel things i put together myself – not so great).

i actually did do some sewing/applique yesterday!  started a new sample for the mini butterfly – something i’ve needed for a while now.  that will leave only 2 of the 15 without kits.  perhaps i can do the other two before santa rosa??  i’m planning to do just a fused sample for the new nearly nouvea iris sample.  just need to get one put together in a hurry!

and, lastly – lest i thought i could sneak out of town:pepesuit.jpg

at home!  and no travels for a whole week, yea!  yes, have plenty of “homework” to do.  all the product is disorganized due to the trunk show the other night.  i’m thinking i will leave that tub as is, except i will have to remove the mini kits – just leave all the patterns.  that way, when i book the next talk, i can just pull that tub out and not have to run around putting patterns together, etc.

the class went very well – had 5 students.  that’s a nice number for me, tho i can certainly handle more. (i say the max is 20).  everyone seemed quite happy when they left.  i must have been even more tired than i thought, as i went to bed about 8:30 and didn’t get up till after 6:00 this morning!

today will be about reorganization, mostly.  seems it would be good to pick up a needle and thread again!!  we shall see.  that may have to wait a day or two.  i’d really like to get started on a new design, and that opportunity quilt is tugging at me.  i did give the background back to sandy yesterday.  it does need some ‘help’ before i can add the applique!  not that i have anything ready!  while i have finished a couple of the 6 mini’s i plan – can’t put any of them on until i have finished all of them.  why?  cause i need to place them so that it is all balanced – color-wise.  and i have no idea what colors are yet to come. ^_^  seat of the pants, you say?  yep.  i mostly pretend to know what i am doing!

probably won’t get to the rv until next week – to do the generator thing and sweep out some of the dust and dirt.  and maybe see if i can ‘hang’ that cart on the back.  would like for erv to be there for the generator fire up.  might even get him to help me ‘debug’ the outside. ^_^

ok, off to do my ‘tub shuffle’ 

where it all happenscottage1.jpg


WOW!  I am so pleased and happy with what happened last night.  It was a little scary being up there in front of people I knew.  Somehow it is easier to have only strangers in the crowd.  However, it is also very rewarding when folks you know make a point of letting you know they enjoyed your talk – and they did!  How nice!!  And the visiting ladies from the Sacramento quild asked for my card to give to their program chair! yea!

And so today, the second half of my agreement – the class.  Before the talk I only had 2 people registered.  I am pretty sure some additional registrations happened last night; however, the program chair did not tell me what the final count was.  It doesn’t matter, really.  I am doing this one as a contribution to the guild – so the fees just go to the treasury.  We are using the classroom at High Sierra, which is good.  Good space and folks will have easy access to whatever they need.

Once this obligation is complete I will have some time before the next show – in Santa Rosa (setup June 1st).  Yes, I do have some kits to cut and tubs to reorganize, etc.  Still, a little more time than I have had recently!  So, I plan to do some work on the rv as well.  I have never fired up the generator and have learned that you are supposed to do that at least once a month.  oops.  My friend Erv at the rv storage place has offered to assist me.  I finally brought it home with enough gas in the tank to be able to start the generator!  And I really need to clean the inside – carpet and floors are looking well used.  I’m also going to see if I can strap my cart onto the back bumper/ladder.  It is such a hastle to hoist that heavy thing into the cabin and then wrestle it under the table so it is out of the way and somewhat secure.  I kept thinking about having a rack welded on the back, but I think I can just use the ladder and bumper.  We shall see.  Will probably need to purchase a couple of those heavy duty straps with the cinch clasps???

Rats!  Just occured to me I could have taken the camera and had Bobbie take a couple of pictures during the talk.  My new web designer had talked about putting pics like that on the page also.  Haven’t heard anything from her, or my brother, lately.  Will it ever really happen?  THAT is the question.

ok, off to do my day.  cheers!

goodmorning!  and it is a lovely day out there.  i have a LOT to do to prepare for my evening ‘on stage’.  i offered to do my ‘trunk show’ and class for my own guild and tonight is the show.  the class is tomorrow.  it is my intention to have this one go a lot smoother than the last one!  that one was done immediately prior to leaving for market in salt lake and it was a bit of a logistics problem to prepare for two such diverse activities!  bobbie has agreed to help me again.  my plan is to take only a small amount of product – to use the spinner racks and not to take either the thread or any other notions.  i also need to reorganize the quilts – as i recall they kind of got thrown back into the trunk.  plus, there were a couple i forgot to put in there – will track them down today.

update on the baby bird  :(- so sad to say it is back in the lap of God.  i don’t think pepe was the cause.  he was, however, the reporter.  when i got home i noticed a definite lack of activity back there.  pepe had been locked inside, so i know he hadn’t bothered them.  i was tempted to check the cage, but ended up taking a nap instead!  did go check once back up and about – cage was empty.  i then went up to the big house for awhile – to visit with family.  upon returning i found the (dead) baby just inside my door.  again, no sign of damage.  i wrapped it in a paper towel and buried it in the compost box/pile.  i guess mother nature has her own plans.

talked with my son about the ‘screeching’ brake noise and he assured me it was not because there was anything wrong.  turns out i only have to worry if they are making noise when NOT in use.  that was good news.  still think i need to get the oil changed and see if i can have them decrud those tank gauge sensors???  any advice about that?  like, is it really worth it?  is there something i can do myself?

ok, time to begin getting ready.  as always, a tad nervous.  and this time it’s even worse – what with friends in the crowd!!

YES, home for two whole weeks.  yea!!  can’t say the first 3 days are free, tho.  will be at my favorite shop today – where i am each 1st and 3rd monday (when i am in town).  i call it “applique day”.  it’s a ‘drop in’ kind of thing so you can come to sit and stitch, or get a little free advice or full-blown help for $15.  not been a lot of traffic lately.  if you live anywhere close – the shop is High Sierra Quilters and is in the bel air shopping mall in cameron park – very close to hwy 50. 

 well, how about that!!  the cellphone just rang and it was a former ‘student’ – she is coming today – and bringing friends!!  ^_^

the show in quincy was very slow.  i did ‘ok’, as in didn’t lose money, made a little, had a good time.  what more can ya ask?  i also took some new booth pics.  i will post them here and then go put then on the webpage.

ok, i included the rv category cause i am kinda looking for other folks who might have a class ‘C’ and who can give me any helpful hints, etc.  plus, heck, i am a woman who travels alone and meeting new folks is always fun.  i have a fleetwood jamboree, ralley.  it is a 2000.  i have now put about 4000 miles on it, so figure it is time to oil change, etc.  also, i noticed the brakes are screeching a bit.  traveling the roads around here i need to know they are ok!! (don’t think there’s a flat stretch anywhere!) ^_^  the adjustment tom did to the headlights made all the difference in the world.  i could actually see last night – and on hwy 49 that is very important!!!

had an interesting wakeup call today!  mr pepe brought a baby bird in to show me – mind you, that means he came in thru the window over my head and jumper over me with a screeching bird in his mouth.  turns out it was unharmed.  it is a wren, fully feathered but not yet fully flying – tail looks a little undeveloped.  i rescued it, put into the birdcage that was outside and unused, and it is now on top of my storage shed.  i can see it out the bedroom window and know that the parents have found it and seem to be caring for it. ( propped the door open)  pepe is safely secured inside here!  mind you, this all began just before 6:00!  no rest for the weary around here!

ok, here are the pics.  time for me to eat a bite and get ready for another big day.boothq1.jpgboothq2.jpgboothq3.jpg

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