home again, at last.  it has been a long time since i posted anything, so perhaps those few who were checking here have given up. 

the trip to salt lake was pretty successful – that was for quilt market.  it was the spring edition of what happens in houston in the fall.  the place where shop owners come to purchase fabric and whatever.  not sure it was so well attended, but i did ok.  got a very nice order from a shop in sweden.  ^_^  these markets really are the only place people can come to do their shopping, otherwise must do online or from the reps who come to their shops.  no where else can they see ‘everyone’ in one place.  it is a 3-day event.

the trip over was a bit scary as it snowed on every summit – and there were 3, i believe.  going over donner was long and slow – looked like a normal city rush hour – two lines of traffic going 35 mph.  just as well, too much snow and ice to go any faster!

this past weekend is was closer to home – in santa clara.  i was not sure doing a show on mother’s day was a good idea, but wanted to get into this one, so took the opportunity.  it only happens every other year, so didn’t want to wait 2 years and maybe not get in.  i decided to bite the bullet and stay at a motel – no place around there to park and rv.  i chose the same motel where i stay during the bigger show there in the fall.  turned out not to be the best choice at this time of year.  the motel is essentially across the street from great america – one of those big amusement parks.  on friday nite/sat morning there were the teens – a full busload, probably a senior last hurrah trip.  on sunday morning there were younger kids racing (with heavy steps) back and forth on the balcony outside my door – and, yes, with lots of yelling.  ugh.  needless to say, i will not go there again this time of year!  fortunately the show was successful, tho sunday was quite slow.

now, it’s time to get those tubs back out of the van and reorganized.  i know i have a lot of kits to cut before the next show.  yes, this coming weekend.  will be in quincy, ca.  very pretty area.  nice small show at the fairgrounds, so sophie will get to go and we will take the rv.  course that means moving everything from the van to the rv – again.  i don’t need to go to the gym(not that i have time anyway) – do my own form of weight training! ^_^