good morning!  it was quite a busy day yesterday, tho i can’t say you can see what i accomplished.  it was one of the paper/bookwork days that makes it look like you sat and read all day!

at the show this past weekend i noticed the folks in the next booth had this nifty credit card processing tool – it looked like a cellphone!  and, it turns out, it was – with the swipe slot attached to one side!  mind you, i have been using the old fashioned ‘hand crank’ thing and then having to hand input everything after the show!  (dog tired from teardown and drive home).  so, much of yesterday was spent tracking down that equipment.  it was quite interesting to figure out exactly what words to put into the search to yield what i was actually looking for. geeezzz  however, was ultimately successful and the wheels are turning so i should have my new toy in time for santa rosa show – probably not for this coming weekend in quincy.

in the process of doing the application/purchasing deal i had to run to office max to purchase the blue ink – that was ok, had to go to the bank to deposit $$ anyway.  got home, installed the cartridge and the dang printer then told me i also needed yellow!! grrrr  ok, back into the  car i went.  only good thing, at least i got $3 off on the yellow one by turning in the dead blue one.

just had a call from the first folks i had tried to reach with regard to this new equipment and found out the deal i have in process is the better one.  yea!  it’s just amazing how some things have changed for the better with regard to cost.  ken said he paid $2400 for his equipment 3 years ago!!!  i’m paying less than $500!  wow!!  he did say he has had no problem with this system in all those 3 years – and they do much larger volume than i.  it will be such a relief to not have to do all that work after each show – plus, the money gets there ‘at once’, not 3 days later.

ok, if i am going to get myself ready for the next show i’d best get to it.  i would love to add some pictures here, but  no, i have still not turned on the new computer!  maybe i will see if i can once again install that card reader on this old one.  really miss that option.