again – i just spent time looking for something!  this time for that one piece of fabric i KNEW i had seen and thought i had put where it belonged/could be easily found.  this is a process that happens every time i go to cut kits for my patterns.  each time i fine tune and just know i have stored everything where it will be at my fingertips whenever i need it.  WRONG!  i swear i put all the pieces that go into each kit in the same place/together.  and then, the gremlins come in while i am out of town and just move them all around into different tubs!!  at least i was able to find what i was looking for – on the third try in that tub.  hmmm, did they move it while i was looking for it in the tubs in the bedroom???

so, i have today and tomorrow to prepare for the next show – in quincy, ca.  i will be taking the rv and sophie, yea!  course that means a trip over to the rv storage and the transferring of everything from van to rv.  so, i am hoping to get the product all done today – kits cut, etc.  then tomorrow load the rv and get my clothes, food, etc together.  have to leave early friday morning.  haven’t checked the mileage yet, so don’t know exactly how early.

for those of you who are quilters and who get those quilt magazines with the pictures of those fancy studios/sewing rooms – i just took a couple pictures to show you what a studio in the low rent district looks like.  given i only have two real rooms, things tend to spill over into the bedroom, as you can see.  (at the front of the cottage, there is a tiny galley kitchen and a water closet of a bathroom.)studio1.jpgstudio3.jpg

oops, cat’s out of the bag!studio2.jpg