not sure i’m awake yet.  i think that visiting cat woke me – no, not my orange one in the pictures.  there is one who often lurks in the ‘weeds’ and drives sophie nuts.  he also uses the bedroom “cat window” to come in and help himself to food when i am out of town.  every now and then he forgets we are here and jumps up to the window, sees us and makes a rapid exit. (the window is above my bed, thus high off the ground and requires a cat to jump and grab with front paws and hoist himself up and over the sill and in)  of course when he did that sophie got very excited and jumped around on the  bed – and that was it for me and sleep.  however, i actually haven’t seen him lately – so it could be that mr pepe had one of his bad launches and it was just him sliding down the outside wall. ^_^  in any event, i was up and about early.

finished all the kits yesterday, so i am good to go product-wise.  just need to haul it all to the rv and do the big transfer.  ugh.  then i just need to get myself/clothes, food, etc together.  turns out setup doesn’t begin until 3 p.m., so i will plan to head out about 10:00 tomorrow morning.  not looking forward to that drive on the hwy 49 leg.  it’s a great stretch of road in a sportscar – less than wonderful in an rv! LOTS of hairpin curves and big ups and downs.  and it will be at the end of my trip coming home, and in the  dark.  i MUST get those rv headlights adjusted before i leave.  really can’t see very well as they are.  don’t like to keep high beams on and blind someone coming around a bend.

if you are anywhere in the area of quincy, calif – the show is at the fairgrounds.  nice little show.  great facility.  the best (and new) lighting i’ve ever seen at a fairgrounds!  lovely area also.

here’s a picture of the booth – very old picture.  only one i have on file right now.booth1.jpg