ok, have about a half hour to complete.  it is the hauling it all up the path that always sets me back – somehow it takes longer than i expect.  other than that, shove some food into my mouth – that is the one thing i usually leave out and then i arrive starving with no time to eat anything and by the time i get the booth setup – well, you can just imagine!!

got lots of hearts cut for the little pincushion kits and half yards cut for the new “half packs”.  i had planned to put them into a cutoff paper lunch bag and add a nice label, etc.  of course if forgot to buy the  bags when i stopped to get those and food for the trip.  actually, there are some here, in that great ‘somewhere’!!  as i was preparing to head back to the store i spied the ribbon collection way up at the top of the shelves.  been collecting it for years – yard sales, etc.  sooo. those 3-packs are now nicely tied in riboon and look great.  i will add pictures when i get back – kinda pressed for time right now. ^_^

have a great weekend, ya’ll!!