YES, home for two whole weeks.  yea!!  can’t say the first 3 days are free, tho.  will be at my favorite shop today – where i am each 1st and 3rd monday (when i am in town).  i call it “applique day”.  it’s a ‘drop in’ kind of thing so you can come to sit and stitch, or get a little free advice or full-blown help for $15.  not been a lot of traffic lately.  if you live anywhere close – the shop is High Sierra Quilters and is in the bel air shopping mall in cameron park – very close to hwy 50. 

 well, how about that!!  the cellphone just rang and it was a former ‘student’ – she is coming today – and bringing friends!!  ^_^

the show in quincy was very slow.  i did ‘ok’, as in didn’t lose money, made a little, had a good time.  what more can ya ask?  i also took some new booth pics.  i will post them here and then go put then on the webpage.

ok, i included the rv category cause i am kinda looking for other folks who might have a class ‘C’ and who can give me any helpful hints, etc.  plus, heck, i am a woman who travels alone and meeting new folks is always fun.  i have a fleetwood jamboree, ralley.  it is a 2000.  i have now put about 4000 miles on it, so figure it is time to oil change, etc.  also, i noticed the brakes are screeching a bit.  traveling the roads around here i need to know they are ok!! (don’t think there’s a flat stretch anywhere!) ^_^  the adjustment tom did to the headlights made all the difference in the world.  i could actually see last night – and on hwy 49 that is very important!!!

had an interesting wakeup call today!  mr pepe brought a baby bird in to show me – mind you, that means he came in thru the window over my head and jumper over me with a screeching bird in his mouth.  turns out it was unharmed.  it is a wren, fully feathered but not yet fully flying – tail looks a little undeveloped.  i rescued it, put into the birdcage that was outside and unused, and it is now on top of my storage shed.  i can see it out the bedroom window and know that the parents have found it and seem to be caring for it. ( propped the door open)  pepe is safely secured inside here!  mind you, this all began just before 6:00!  no rest for the weary around here!

ok, here are the pics.  time for me to eat a bite and get ready for another big day.boothq1.jpgboothq2.jpgboothq3.jpg