goodmorning!  and it is a lovely day out there.  i have a LOT to do to prepare for my evening ‘on stage’.  i offered to do my ‘trunk show’ and class for my own guild and tonight is the show.  the class is tomorrow.  it is my intention to have this one go a lot smoother than the last one!  that one was done immediately prior to leaving for market in salt lake and it was a bit of a logistics problem to prepare for two such diverse activities!  bobbie has agreed to help me again.  my plan is to take only a small amount of product – to use the spinner racks and not to take either the thread or any other notions.  i also need to reorganize the quilts – as i recall they kind of got thrown back into the trunk.  plus, there were a couple i forgot to put in there – will track them down today.

update on the baby bird  :(- so sad to say it is back in the lap of God.  i don’t think pepe was the cause.  he was, however, the reporter.  when i got home i noticed a definite lack of activity back there.  pepe had been locked inside, so i know he hadn’t bothered them.  i was tempted to check the cage, but ended up taking a nap instead!  did go check once back up and about – cage was empty.  i then went up to the big house for awhile – to visit with family.  upon returning i found the (dead) baby just inside my door.  again, no sign of damage.  i wrapped it in a paper towel and buried it in the compost box/pile.  i guess mother nature has her own plans.

talked with my son about the ‘screeching’ brake noise and he assured me it was not because there was anything wrong.  turns out i only have to worry if they are making noise when NOT in use.  that was good news.  still think i need to get the oil changed and see if i can have them decrud those tank gauge sensors???  any advice about that?  like, is it really worth it?  is there something i can do myself?

ok, time to begin getting ready.  as always, a tad nervous.  and this time it’s even worse – what with friends in the crowd!!