WOW!  I am so pleased and happy with what happened last night.  It was a little scary being up there in front of people I knew.  Somehow it is easier to have only strangers in the crowd.  However, it is also very rewarding when folks you know make a point of letting you know they enjoyed your talk – and they did!  How nice!!  And the visiting ladies from the Sacramento quild asked for my card to give to their program chair! yea!

And so today, the second half of my agreement – the class.  Before the talk I only had 2 people registered.  I am pretty sure some additional registrations happened last night; however, the program chair did not tell me what the final count was.  It doesn’t matter, really.  I am doing this one as a contribution to the guild – so the fees just go to the treasury.  We are using the classroom at High Sierra, which is good.  Good space and folks will have easy access to whatever they need.

Once this obligation is complete I will have some time before the next show – in Santa Rosa (setup June 1st).  Yes, I do have some kits to cut and tubs to reorganize, etc.  Still, a little more time than I have had recently!  So, I plan to do some work on the rv as well.  I have never fired up the generator and have learned that you are supposed to do that at least once a month.  oops.  My friend Erv at the rv storage place has offered to assist me.  I finally brought it home with enough gas in the tank to be able to start the generator!  And I really need to clean the inside – carpet and floors are looking well used.  I’m also going to see if I can strap my cart onto the back bumper/ladder.  It is such a hastle to hoist that heavy thing into the cabin and then wrestle it under the table so it is out of the way and somewhat secure.  I kept thinking about having a rack welded on the back, but I think I can just use the ladder and bumper.  We shall see.  Will probably need to purchase a couple of those heavy duty straps with the cinch clasps???

Rats!  Just occured to me I could have taken the camera and had Bobbie take a couple of pictures during the talk.  My new web designer had talked about putting pics like that on the page also.  Haven’t heard anything from her, or my brother, lately.  Will it ever really happen?  THAT is the question.

ok, off to do my day.  cheers!