at home!  and no travels for a whole week, yea!  yes, have plenty of “homework” to do.  all the product is disorganized due to the trunk show the other night.  i’m thinking i will leave that tub as is, except i will have to remove the mini kits – just leave all the patterns.  that way, when i book the next talk, i can just pull that tub out and not have to run around putting patterns together, etc.

the class went very well – had 5 students.  that’s a nice number for me, tho i can certainly handle more. (i say the max is 20).  everyone seemed quite happy when they left.  i must have been even more tired than i thought, as i went to bed about 8:30 and didn’t get up till after 6:00 this morning!

today will be about reorganization, mostly.  seems it would be good to pick up a needle and thread again!!  we shall see.  that may have to wait a day or two.  i’d really like to get started on a new design, and that opportunity quilt is tugging at me.  i did give the background back to sandy yesterday.  it does need some ‘help’ before i can add the applique!  not that i have anything ready!  while i have finished a couple of the 6 mini’s i plan – can’t put any of them on until i have finished all of them.  why?  cause i need to place them so that it is all balanced – color-wise.  and i have no idea what colors are yet to come. ^_^  seat of the pants, you say?  yep.  i mostly pretend to know what i am doing!

probably won’t get to the rv until next week – to do the generator thing and sweep out some of the dust and dirt.  and maybe see if i can ‘hang’ that cart on the back.  would like for erv to be there for the generator fire up.  might even get him to help me ‘debug’ the outside. ^_^

ok, off to do my ‘tub shuffle’ 

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