did not leave the premises yesterday.  will have to  drag myself out today – out of wine! ^_^  and sophie really must have a new bed.  she has finally ripped the plastic bottom liner completely out – not to mention i can smell that dirty thing from here!!  she is 5 and my brother bought this one for her when i first got her, so i guess it is time.  i also plan to get some of those mosquito things to put into the ‘so called’ fountain outside the door.  (one of those half-barrel things i put together myself – not so great).

i actually did do some sewing/applique yesterday!  started a new sample for the mini butterfly – something i’ve needed for a while now.  that will leave only 2 of the 15 without kits.  perhaps i can do the other two before santa rosa??  i’m planning to do just a fused sample for the new nearly nouvea iris sample.  just need to get one put together in a hurry!

and, lastly – lest i thought i could sneak out of town:pepesuit.jpg