missed writing yesterday – slept in a little and just tried to take it relatively easy all day.  it is a fine line to walk between being productive and being ‘compulsive’ about working. ^_^  while it is nice to have this weekend at home, i must resist the temptation to fall into the familiar habit of letting everything slide and then being frantic the last two days before heading off to the next show.

so – i did nearly finish the new sample for the mini butterfly.  i’m thinking i will leave it as it is – only missing the head and feet, which are just black like the antennae.  there are two other mini’s that need kits, and they are ginko’s.  that means i could do just half of each of those in order to show what the fabrics would look like – and could go ahead and cut the kits. (they are both mirror image designs)  that would give me a kit for each of the 15 mini’s.  for the first time ever!!  i did manage to choose fabrics for those last two.  maybe by tomorrow i will have a picture or two to post.

i also plan to do a new sample for the nearly nouveau iris – the original fabric is gone. 😦   for now, i will do a fused sample so i can have it for this weekend.

i also need to make a trip to the rv for the rest of the show stuff.  while there, if erv is there, i may see if we can get the generator to fire.  i made sure i came home with enough gas in the tank to be able to do that.  besides, gas was 10 cents cheaper in quincy than here!  unless you go to safeway and spend at least $50 on groceries to get the 10 cent discount at the pump!  which, of course, i did the other day while shopping for ‘just a few items’.  oh well, filled the van tank, so i’m good to go next weekend.

ok, guess i’d best get to it.  by the way – mr pepe is still guarding the suitcase. ^_^