doing my best to stay inspired, here.  have most of the kits cut, working on the last two mini’s.  promised rachel she could help me fold fabric today – so need those little pieces for her. ^_^  she does a really great job, and only 4!

still haven’t dragged myself over to the rv.  perhaps will tomorrow.  still hoping someone will write to me about a ‘group’ where i can get good info.  like about the care and feeding of that generator.

as promised i am adding a couple of pics.  not happy with how the iris one turned out – and this is the second try.  it’s only a fused sample, so not so great to begin with – but it’s the color thing i’m having trouble with.  i really do need to bite the bullet and hook up the new computer so i can begin using the new camera.  course, i won’t have a photoshop-type program to use.  will have to download the free irfanview and use that one.  so, that means learning new ‘stuff’.  it’s not that i don’t like the learning – it’s just that sometimes it takes the whole day and then i don’t get done what i need for the next show.  is a puzzlement!

this is the mini – missing head and feetnew-mbf.jpg  the mini’s are 6″ sq or circles.  and here is slightly funky new iris fused samplenew-nn-iris.jpg  this is the nearly nouveau series and they are 13-14″ blocks.  the circle is about 10″