for some reason, while i was finishing up my daily journaling, the message was very strong to get this thing out of the closet and install the “office” program cd, etc etc.  of course that did not go as smoothly as planned.  ok, the office program went on just fine – it was the other hp updating that took forever.  and then, after all of that stuff was done and i went into my microsoft mail – i couldn’t send anything.  as usual it took me forever to remember how to get to where i needed to go to check for errors – all that pop3,etc stuff.  recently i had to make changes because the giants have joined together and we surfs have to figure out how to plug in all those stupid numbers in order to access what we are already paying for.  geeeezzzzz  and, of course, in the process my gut becomes totally activated and my inner critic is screaming at me what an idiot i am and how i’ll never get it figured out and probably have already screwed the whole computer up blah blah blah

so, i finally got there and one of the numbers was wrong.  have NO idea how it got changed.  those gremlins are certainly crafty.

on a lighter note – i did get all the kits cut, except one.  missing a fabric and may have to go visit my friend myra today or tomorrow.  in the meantime, i will finish folding and   packaging what i have.  and get at least half of the mini ginko finished.  i can probably do without that one kit for this show.  i will be in santa rosa, and while i wasn’t there last year, it was one of the first shows i ever did – way back when – when myra and i started out together.  while i have added a good bit since then, i do still have what i started with!  heck, it’s still selling!!

no, did not go to the rv.  still dragging my feet on that one.  must do before i leave for the show as there is still equipment i need – like the poles that allow me to create my booth walls, etc.  not to mention the dresses i wear at shows!  maybe tomorrow????  and still hoping for a comment from an rv’er – with group info??? ^_^

happy summer!!