very close to being ready to go – only one kit left to fold.  except for the mini i saved to do with rachel.  they got home too late last night, so we will do it this evening.  as for the rest of this day – will be going to the rv and hopefully will get the generator fired up while there.  real purpose is to gather the last of the show/booth stuff – including my clothes.  on the way back i will be picking up the summer school schedule for cassie.  ahhh, cassie – and her dad(my son)!!  they really have a thing going on!  and i don’t mean a good one.  BIG communication breakdown, lots of hurt feelings on both sides.  teenagers and dysfunctional parents – not that’s a formula for diasaster.  just ask me, i know!  we don’t really believe her when she says she WILL go to summer school.  truth is, she doesn’t want to go to school at all.  and she’d like to go live with her mom, but won’t do it – wants tom to kick her out! (as reported by her brother, wade).

and then there is wade – moving back home.  seems uncle juan has been ‘saved’ and won’t put up with the drinking and messes wade loves to make.  tom says “can’t leave him on the street” – i am tempted to say – “and why not?  didn’t seem to hurt you any.”  ^_^ so i guess he will be here until his freeloading drives even tom to “tough love” – OR, wade will use the opportunity to get on track to something.  doing my best to let them all be! ^_^  i realized the other day that the reason i liked teens the first time around was that i was still trying to BE one.  now that i am “older & wiser” (ho ho ho), they are mostly just frustrating to me – at least ‘mine’ are.  i mean, how can you just not be interested in ANYthing with regard to ‘the rest of your life’, etc.  eat, drink, watch tv, play video/computer games AND talk on the phone(while doing all of the above!).  is that the new definition of ‘multi-tasking’???  perhaps i’m just missing something, here.  i think this raising kids thing is like the wages/cost of living thing.  i mean, sooner or later a generation is going to have to stop making it better/easier for their kids cause it looks to me like all we’ve done is raise a bunch of gimme,gimme people who expect everything for nothing, etc.  we make more and more money and things cost more and more.  we give our kids more and more and they just expect more and more and more – and don’t get that they have to ‘give’ (or do) anything.

well, i guess i can now step down from my soapbox and get back to something i do have some control over – what i do with my time! ^_^  first thing is to get something to eat – something i often forget to do once i begin working. 

have a lovely day, ya’ll