just thought i’d post something before i get started being ‘busy’ – perhaps will do two of these today?

can you believe i made such a big deal of starting that rv generator??!!  turns out it is the simple pushing of a button – i mean really!!  a button inside the cabine!!  good grief.  it fired on the second try.  so now i can say i am a real rv’er. ^_^  and i could park in a walmart parking lot with the best of them. (not a place i shop, but could be a case of ‘any port in a storm’, i guess).  good ole erv was there to supervise and advise. ^_^  i do feel pretty silly.

so, the real purpose of that visit was to get the last of the show stuff – which i did.  and today will be about final packing into the van and getting my clothes together. (that’s the hardest part).    on the way there i did go to myra’s and we ‘traded’ fabrics.  there were some things she has that i am currently using in kits and it’s good for me to share the bolts i buy since i really only (usually) need about a half bolt at a time.  some of the pieces in the kits are pretty small and it can take a long time to use up 15-18 yards.  if i share, i can buy new stuff sooner. ^_^

i also did stop and pick up the summer school schedule for cassie.  can you believe there is a waiting list for summer school??  makes ya wonder what is going on with the school system.  and that woman had a very large stack of schedules to hand out given it was the last two hours possible for picking up (before the space is given to someone on the waiting list).  crazy.  i mean, in my day going to summer school would have been a huge embarrassment at best – and hell to pay at home, at worst!!  progess??????  scary!!

at least it will be good to get those tubs out of  my bedroom.  i would so love to have a little bigger studio/house.  however, whenever i find myself being dragged down that ‘poor me’ path – i get myself to just be grateful for what i do have – and that’s a lot!!  perfect health, peace, love etc.  and the freedom to do what i love.  no real complaints here!!

so, i guess i’ll just get to it.  perhaps i’ll post a picture of that last mini – and maybe the loaded van. ^_^

have a lovely day, ya’ll