will soon be on the road again – not so far this time, santa rosa.  first will stop in petaluma to drop off sophie with my friend ruth – where i will also be staying.  then on to setup.  that guild takes very good care of the vendors – great food provided by members.  quilters really are good cooks too!! ^_^  well, those of us who are lucky enough to have a kitchen big enough to cook in, that is.  ahem.  am looking forward to trying out my son’s new kitchen, if they ever get it finished, that is!!  been bare bones down to the studs and tarpaper kind of floor since 1st of nov.  slowly coming back to life now that tom’s knees are (sort of) healed.

but, i degress.  nothing left to do, really – throw in those personal items and ease on down the road.  mostly just waiting for everyone to get to work – crawling down the freeway is not my idea of fun.  oops, just realized i packed up that last mini sample, so no pics today.  am excited about my new credit card processing equipment and looking forward to using it for the first time.  myra told me this was the first place she had used hers and that there is ‘service’ in the building (cellphone type). yea!!  got ‘trained’ yesterday – tho as it turned out i had already figured it all out.  only problem is the keys are a little ‘sticky’ – as in, not responding on the first touch.  he assured me that was just because they are new. 

i will be taking this laptop so we can watch a dvd i have, but ruth only has dial up – so i won’t post again until sun nite or mon. 

have a lovely day