well, the show in santa rosa was very good – in all respects!  beautiful quilts, lots of people attended and lots of people shopped.  yea!  now i have a lot to do to be ready for this wekend in madera.

was gone all day today also – all of the fabric reps from this area decided to hold an ‘after market market’ and they did it in sacramento.  so, bobbie, myra, geri and i all went together – had a great time and spent way too much money – again!  where am i going to put all those bolts!??  i have found room for what has come that i bought in salt lake, and i am getting down to the last possible square inch of space in here – really.  my downfall is green.  something i use a lot of as there are leaves etc in all the floral designs and i seem to use it in most of the crest designs as well.  and for the past couple of years there just weren’t any really good ones.  i also use greens (a lot) that have some gold metallic – and there haven’t been ANY of those for these past two years.  now there are – so needless to say, i buy every one i see that i like!  i think i now have enough to get me thru a couple of years!!!  i mean, ya just don’t use very big pieces in those kits!  and even smaller ones for the metallics, usually.

we had a great lunch on the way home – at ruby tuesdays.  i didn’t even know we had any out here!  keep seeing those ads while watching the bb playoffs and wishing i could get my hands on one of those burgers.  and i did!  yum!!  feeling kinda tired now – mr pepe woke me just after 5:00 this morning. grrr.

oh, speaking of dear mr pepe – just a little while ago he brought another critter in – and this one was not dead!!  it is now somewhere under my washer and i am thinking that in a few days it is not going to smell exactly like roses!  and my washer is in my bedroom!!! (i told you this place was small!)  there is carpeting under it, so not an easy thing to just ‘slide’ it out. dang!!  any clever ideas out there?  no, i don’t have a big hunk living next door!  and at my age, i’d have to use the poor little old lady routine to get one to help and i refuse to admit i’m that old! ^_^  maybe it’s small enough it won’t make so much smell???

gone again tomorrow – back to just about where i was, only san rafael this time.  don’t expect to hear from my brother, so i will probably do a turn around – as in just drive back after my appointment.  he was supposed to come help me with teardown yesterday and then go out for dinner – as usual, didn’t make it.  and so it goes.

ta ta for now