just a note before i head on down the road again.  going to see my shrink ^_^  not that i need to, ho ho ho.

there are those times, tho, when it feels like something i don’t want to do – mostly because he is 2+ hrs away.  and why, you ask, would you drive that far?  a matter of choice.  i met him many years ago because my brother (who really does need  it ^_^) took me with him for one of his sessions.  actually, did that more than once.  anyway, when i decided it was time to do that for my self – again – i just felt more comfortable choosing michael. and, it give me the opportunity to visit with my brother, as well.  ok, most of the time.  often that doesn’t happen because i think it is a little too confronting for him, so he conveniently has a reason how come he can’t ‘visit’.  when that happens, i generally just go visit with ruth.  or i do a ‘turn around’.  and that is what i am planning today, since i haven’t heard from jay.  besides, i have way too much work to do before madera!  oh, and i just realized, besides the preparation of product – there will be the  big switch of stuff back to the rv!!  good grief.  there must be a better way!!  i really do need a couple of days added to this week!!

after this show i don’t have one for several weeks, tho i do have a class to teach in both tracy and scotts valley (near santa cruz).  maybe i can get some work done on that opportunity quilt i am designing AND get the rv cleaned – inside and out.  it was spotless when i bought it.  needs some work now!  sand from various beaches and general dust and dirt inside.  lots of bug remains outside.

and so it goes.  no rest for the weary (or wicked). ^_^

looks like it could rain here – not a common occurance for this time of year.  probably the clouds will just pass on by and rain on the mountain instead.  we are still enjoying perfect weather – as in temps in the 80’s and then in the 50’s at night.  lovely!

gotta go – have a great one!