as usual, i am supposed to be working!  cutting kits today – only have today and tomorrow to do it all, so to speak.  for sure to get everything cut and any covers printed and patterns folded.  could fold fabric in the rv friday night after setup, i guess.  and i DO have to haul it all over TO the rv and move it from van to rv.  again.  doesn’t sound real efficient, does it??!

i have some things cut and all the fabrics gathered for what i still have to do.  rachel is home with the chicken pox!!  so don’t know if i will be getting any help this time.  can you believe kids still get the chicken pox??  i think she is about over it – good thing cause this is disney land weekend coming up!!  tom’s toyota masters treat – all free! course they only get one room, so will have rachel (4) and marcus (2) in the same room with them.  that place is all about the kids anyway!  not a romantic-type get away.  they get to that later this year.

as for me – i’ll be off to madera for another show.  and then i get a good bit of time off from shows.  time to work on the opportunity quilt i am designing and doing for my guild.  probably won’t have time to do any designs for myself other than that.  i either need more hours in the day or be able to clon myself while i’m awake.

pepe has been giving the washer some attention – no sign of anything furry yet.  poor thing.  i’d be happy to catch it and put it back outside if it would come out.  maybe i should lock mr pepe outside for the rest of the day??

ok, back to the cutting board.

cheers, j

 here’s a little sunshine for yasusans.jpgsusans.jpg