as in d-day.  last day to get it all together – and then transferred to the rv, again.  looks like a lovely day in the neighborhood, tho. ^_^  been exceptionally cool here, even had enough rain to wet the ground night before last – as evidenced by mr pepe’s little footprints on everything. (no, no sign of furry critter – or smell)  looks like full sun today, so spect it will be warmer.

got all those kits cut – and even some folded and stuffed.  hope to finish that part today.  if it starts getting late, i will just plan to finish the mini’s in the rv tomorrow night after setup.  still have to go to yahoo and print my maps, plus check the paperwork again to verify setup times.  as for the rv – still bug covered and sandy.  my buddy erv has offered to help me get it cleaned up – maybe during this upcoming (show) break.  be good to  put the needle down and get out of the chair, i ‘spect.  IF i can keep myself on track well enough to warrant a break. ^_^

i’m planning to park at the fairgrounds that is just a mile or so away from the show.  i had checked out an rv park before i read the literature the vendor person had sent – the closest one is about 15 miles away.  if the fairgrounds showers are ok, a mile is much better!  my only other concern regarding taking the rig is parking during the show – what kind of lot, etc.  plus, if it would get hot – are there any trees?  sophie will be hanging out in the rig, and probably can’t leave the door open in that area.  trust, i will just trust.  usually things work out just fine when i do that. ^_^

did i remember to report how well that new iris kit sold in santa rosa?  i was at least relieved!  did look for a similar batik (in the original) while at that market event monday – didn’t see anything i liked.  so, will just go with this new one for awhile.

ok, here’s the rig i’m always talking about – for any rv people reading this.  it’s a 2000 and looked like new when i bought it.  ok, it still does – except for the sand and bugs. ^_^    looks huge to me! (24 ft, actually)