i am down to the last of it again – hauling it all up the path and into the van, then drive to the rv and transfer it in.  i always think i can do this part in like, 5 minutes and it always seems to take more like 30.  it’s the last minute details i remember to do, and the two trips up and down that long path and out to the van/driveway. (more like parking area, not really a driveway!)  it is 9:00 and i’d like to be on the road by 10:00.  setup is from noon till 8 pm, so i have plenty of time.  less than 3 hour drive, tho i may stop at costco in folsom and fill the tank and that will add to the time.  i am figuring at least 3 hrs. 

not sure yet if i will stay at the fairgrounds or drive back up the road to an rv park i called last week.  it’s about 15 miles, he said.  i guess it depends on how the fairgrounds looks and the shower situation.  yes, can do that IN the rv – just kinda small.  i like a nice real shower in the morning, especially before heading off to ‘work’.  last weekend, while at ruth’s, i didn’t have that luxury.  her studio has only a ‘water closet’ – toilet and sink – and no hot water.  what the heck, for some folks in this world, just that free running water would be a major luxury!!  so who am i to complain!!

ok, off i go on another adventure.  sophie will be happy when she realizes she is going with me.  when i start moving tubs around, she gets very nervous – hates being left behind! ^_^

happy trails, ya’ll