yea!!  journey safely made.  as for the show – something approaching disaster.  i did well enough on saturday, could have stayed home on sunday.  except – did book two classes! yes!!  actually, booked a trunk show and class with the guild (not a date chosen, but certainly a promise.  and several members came to tell me they were very excited about it and would save their newly purchased patterns to do after the class).  the other class will be at a shop in hanford, calif – quilters quarters.  we set a tentative date for november for that one.  i’m planning to call her and see about september.  most of what i had written on my calendar for that month wasn’t ‘for real’, so to speak!!  i have now taken the white-out to all of that and discovered some open weekends. ^_^

i did not stay at the fairgrounds.  discovered there were no showers there.  yes, closer and cheaper – still, i opted for the showers.  it was a bit of a drive back up 99, and i was wondering about my sanity doing that after the long drive down and setup!  but the place turned out to be nice – lots of trees – one of my high priorities (maybe even above showers! – yes, i think so, given that hot sun!)

speaking of the drive down – good grief there were a lot of trucks!!  and they were all in a big hurry!  i mean, when i am sitting in the left lane and doing 70, it is a tad disconcerting to see that big grill on my bumper!!! (they are so tall i can even see them thru my back window!) i mean, really, who do we think we’re kidding about having any real control over the big boxes of metal we are driving at those high speeds!!!??  one false move by someone and it’s all over for all of us, i think!  i guess it’s that and the extra noise and vibration in that rig that makes me extra tired after driving.  i mean, a 3 hour drive is not such a big deal.  but, my angels kept me safe again and all is well. ^_^

just had a  call from the person from my guild who was planning to come here for a lesson today.  once again my prayers have been answered.  was rather hoping she would change her mind.  i’m ready for a little R&R today.  will have to go to the rv and retrieve all the product.  not because i have much restocking to do – just needs to get reorganized.  i tend to just throw stuff into the tubs at teardown.  and i have a class in tracy in two weeks, so will need it all here and put back together.

no problems with the rig.  did come close to using the a/c, but had remembered the two little fans, and that was enough.  it got very cool overnight.  sat nite i decided to move back up into the cab-over bed.  the bed in the back, while softer, is smaller – just a single.  once sophie has joined me, it gets a little tight. ^_^  the upper bed is a double.  plus there is a window at both my head and feet.  sophie hadn’t been up there for awhile, so she wasn’t so sure it was a good idea!  adapted just fine.

had hoped to have a picture to include here – forgot the camera, of course.  so, only words for now.  and off i go for now, to enjoy my day of ‘liesure’.