one of the things i noticed about yesterday – didn’t seem to matter that i did all sorts of ‘work’, that my head kept telling me i hadn’t (yet) done ANYthing because what i was doing wasn’t about hefting tubs, counting things, etc etc.  or even sewing – tho i did then finally do some of that!  i mean, i did all kinds of paperwork, and edited the webpage etc.  still, my head kept telling me i’d best get to work.  huh???

so, i did not get to the rv to retrieve everything – even tho tom was asking to use the cart.  they stayed home yesterday and worked on the kitchen – it’s actually beginning to look like one!  been a blank slate since november!!  turns out they were able to use my wagon and the two wheel cart thing that i don’t use because the handle is too short – break my back to use that thing!  it worked for them, tho still a little short for candace – she pulled and he held the cabinet on and pushed.  ok, the cabinets are in the  basement area – they came unassembled and as they assembled they stored them in wade’s (now unused by him) room.  that means they must go out the sliding doors (down there) and up the steep gravel hill driveway, around the front of the house, onto (and along the length of) the carport and thru the kitchen door.  yes, there are inside stairs – however, who wants to carry them up?  not to mention that the remodel has rendered the stairway about 3/4 size – won’t get an elephant up those stairs!!

i kept thinking i would go to the rv after it cooled off a bit.  but then, candace fixed dinner, and we watched the reds lose a game.  by then, it was way too late and i was way too tired.

the biggest event of the day was an internal thing, actually.  and that was sparked by the reading of something i received from my cousin terry – who lives on Martha’s Vineyard, MA.  somehow she got copies of our uncle’s journal – or at least parts of it.  no, not like i do – my everyday writing.  this was to be something to be ‘published’ – at least for family.  wow – i found out in those few pages a whole lot i didn’t know – i mean like names!  and that some of what i thought i knew – i didn’t!!  at least not accurately!  all these years i believed my grandfather was born in Ireland!  turns out – born in Kentucky!!!  good grief!!!  not “irish” afterall!  hillbilly!!!!  ??????  OH NO!!  NOT THAT!!!  aaaarrrrggghhh  ever feel like a stranger in your own family??

you will notice i changed the header image.  just don’t know how to change the color of the words so you can see them.  no, i do know ‘how’ – i just don’t know what the correct code is.  while i can play in html a little, i don’t have anything on css and wasn’t willing to take the time to download any tutorials today.  i mean, i do have to do some real work today! ^_^  also did manage to figure out how to add my friend carla’s blog in the links column.  now i have to find kay’s blog and add it.  have her card – somewhere!  i did visit it once and noticed she had a link to my webpage on it.  be good to return the favor!

wish i had a picture to add today.  have some beautiful tiger lillies blooming out there!  ok, took the time to get the picture!

love and beauty!