sometime just before light, sophie got all excited – jumped off the bed and ran to the door barking.  that usually means there is a critter in the yard.  we live in a cottage well behind the main house which sits hidden from view at the end of a dead end street.  so, it’s not a case of someone strolling by!  i got her back to bed and we settled down again.  then, just as it was getting light – off she went again.  this time i could hear something in the leaves on the ground outside my (back and over my bed) window.  and mr pepe was doing his nervous looking out the side window.  just as i looked out to see what was up – i saw something scurry up that huge oak tree.  and when i looked toward the noise on the  ground, could just see the huge (and puffed up) tail of a skunk!  it was almost hidden  by the storage shed, but could just see it as it did its posturing routine – its last-ditch effort to scare you away before the big spray.  when i looked back at the tree – there was this little masked face staring at me from the big fork in the middle of the tree!  a wise racoon!!

now it’s just about 5:00 and both dogs are wanting out – yes, to chase.  but also, it IS morning and it is time for their potty’g after a long night’s sleep!!  however, i know them all too well and first on their agenda would be to  chase whatever that is out there!!  (mocha is the chahuahua that belongs to brittany, the youngest teen.  brittany has gone to live with her mom, so mocha shares her time between here and the  big house)  i did manage to keep them in until the danger had scurried away – and, sure enough, sophie made a mad dash to the back of the cottage.  in that auto response mode, so no stopping her.  she did return at once, nothing there.  did her job and was enticed back in with promise of food!  mocha had decided it was still to early for any of it!!  got up to check out the food, and went right back to bed – and she’s still there!  definitely a teenager’s dog!  ^_^

i wish i had thought to grab my camera – tho i’m not sure the light was sufficient.  mind you, that skunk was not 15 feet from my window!  so glad the racoon didn’t challenge – and that i didn’t let sophie out!!  mocha has been skunked once.  fortunately not a very big body and very short hair.  now sophie would be quite another thing!  lots of long course hair.  not a good thing!!

so, got all the tubs from the rv – even had some help from erv.  then he decided that i needed to wash the van.  ok, you could hardly see what color it was on the front.  there ARE a lot of bugs on I-5!!  (where they grow all that lovely produce and nuts ya’ll find in your local grocery)  i must admit, it does look a lot better.  still need to do the inside – ok, don’t hold your breath.  things like that seldom make it to the top of my list.  i have enough trouble getting myself to  vacuum in here!!  just too busy, don’t cha know.  ^_^

i know, it was the rv i kept talking about cleaning.  maybe before the next trip??  i also need to take it somewhere to be serviced.  i think that means the long drive to the other side of sacramento – ugh.

today i will work on a piece for the opportunity quilt.  my promise is to have the top finished by end of this year.  at the rate the days/weeks/months are passing i’d best get moving here!!  i have several to do – some of which have not even been designed!!  there will be all iris motifs – done in circles like my crest and floral designs.  in fact, will be as many crest designs as i can find – then i will have to just wing it and make up some of my own. ^_^  at least it will give me new designs to sell!

this is what i have so far – the large one is not quite finished – missing the ‘opening’ blossom.  i’m just not sure about that peach mini, so i think i will do another and then choose at assembly time – or maybe use them both?!  i have a third design ready to go and that is what i will be working on today – another mini.opp.jpg

love and beauty,