this is gonna be a short one.  need to get outside before it gets any hotter – already late.  slept very late today – not sure why.  maybe the 2 hours spent in real labor in the yard yesterday?? ^_^  still, good to see that clear space.  i think it is the first time it’s ever been clear in that part of my small yard space.  i describe it that way because the actual ‘yard’ is quite large.  however, i have just a small patch that i call my yard – that which lies beneath one of the two plum trees.  hmm, guess i should call that the ‘sitting’ part of my ‘yard’.  the rest of what would be considered the cottage yard, is more like you would expect for a house this size.  ok, just too complicated to write about, and who cares anyway!  ^_^

going to be another hot one – i can feel the heat rising as the sun clears the hill next to me – i mean within a few feet of the cottage.  i have a flat roof, so it isn’t touching the building, yet.  is on the oleanders just about 10 feet from the building on the west side.

i managed to get a good bit done on the next mini for the opp quilt.  am loving the colors on that one.  perhaps will post it here tomorrow, once i’ve done even a little more.  as a result, i have decided to definitely do another one for that peach one.  then i’ll decided whether to use both, or just the one i like better.

no animal stories today – at least not about anything inside.  i did go out because some birds were making a big racket.  discovered they were yelling at mr pepe – no big surprise.  it was a pair of something i don’t know the name of – and they were doing their best interpretation of the ‘chase me, chase me’ routine to distract attention from a youngin’ on the ground somewhere.  i caught a glimpse of it doing its best effort to fly.  chased pepe away, and went to find the baby.  it was hiding in some leaves inside the fenced in garden where the dogwood tree is.  when i check back later, it was gone.  the birds continued there vigilence all the time i was out there – with less intensity, tho.  i haven’t seen any evidence of a ‘kill’. yea!  that cat sure has been busy this spring!