it is late, just after 2 p.m. and i have not made it out to work in the yard today.  did a lot of hard work out there yesterday!  now i have some flowers to plant, but i guess they will wait till the sun gets down behind those trees in the west.  too hot for planting now.  been too busy with paperwork.  had to fill out all the apps for houston – both market and festival.  and then that caused a search for where i had filed the texas business/tax permit.  etc etc.  i’m mailing the applications in two different envelopes and on two different days – just in case the post office happens to lose one.  they did manage to lose the one for spring market – and that resulted in our booth being at the very back!  this way, i feel confident at least one envelope will get there, and there is a space to check on each one that you are also doing the other.  dang, i forgot to make a copy of that first one.  grrrr.  you don’t get to keep a copy, they send one back with your acceptance letter.

as for the yardwork – got the front cleared and some new rock spread.  i can tell you that 50 lbs does not feel like it did 25 years ago!!  as for the debris, not sure where i am going to put it all.  not good to have laying around in this dry weather – and also NOT good to leave it so close to the house!  9 years of oak leaves, pine needles and those huge pine cones!  you know, the kind you always want to take home with you when you come out here on vacation.  well, if you’re in the area – stop by, i’ll fill up your trunk for ya! ^_^  just don’t try to remove one from a state park!

if you have those happy cows cheese comercials – i can tell you the weather is just like that one they are showing again – with the tiny cloud the cows are running from.  no sign of one of those in days!!  so, i decided those flowers would be much happier getting planted later – as will i!! (ok, to plant them, not myself!) ^_^  and since i did not do one stitch yesterday – i am off to do that now!

chow (that’s english for however it’s spelled) ^_^