the yard is coming along nicely!  love the feel of the clearer, cleaner space.  got more flowers planted, still not all.  had a little side project called a nonfunctioning hot water heater.  after about $100 and 3 trips to either purchase or return stuff – still no hot water.  dang!  and today is fathers’ day – and tom will not be free of projects!!  knee-deep in that kitchen remodel – getting close, tho!  and, now, my added little project. well, it seemed relatively small – however, replacing both elements and control boxes did not fix it.  perhaps changing out the breaker will do it???  if not – i must go to plan C, and purchase a new tank (or tankless?)  if i go for the tankless, that will mean additional plumbing of some kind.  not to mention lots of additional $$$$.  but it does seem the wiser choice, for several reasons – perhaps the best one being the current location of the tank – outside!  i may have to take up my brother’s offer – to use some of his accumulated credits at home depot.  only problem is, he’s in novato and i’m in placerville.  candace suggested he could do it online and thus have it delivered here?????       on top of it all – tomorrow is tom’s birthday!  not exactly the gift i intended!  and how did he get to be older than i am??? ^_^  hah!  it’s all in how you feel, i say!

one good thing i did yesterday – ok, it was all good.  ^_^   i did the preliminary drawing for a new design – the lovely oleander.  some natives i know tend to kind of ignore them, but i think they are beautiful.  i love the huge mounds of flowers in the divider on the highways.  they look like giant soft pillows and they wave so gracefully in the wind – and the color – how devine. ^_^  i’m actually a little concerned about mine right now.  lots of leaves turning yellow!  i would be very very unhappy if they died.  perhaps i will ask bobbie if they need more (or less?) water. 😦

i would add a picture of them, but i am on the laptop and do not have any way to put pictures on here.  it did not come with a built in card reader. hmmmm  perhaps once i get the new computer set up, i can use that old reader?  but that’s another story – not ready to tackle that job!  computer ‘jobs’ are worse than plumbing jobs!!

time to get to it – plant some flowers!

love and beauty

hmmm, forgot to add the categories, and i noticed the header is blank on here – a result of that photo not being stored on this hardware?  i guess.  i will look at it on the desktop later.