it is 3rd monday and so i will be going to high sierra quilters to hang out and be there for dropins who might be looking for some help with applique.  or, sometimes folks come in and take the actual class i normally teach there each ‘semester’.

well, all the teens are ‘home’ – brittany showed up yesterday and said she is here for the summer.  so, it being father’s day, we all went out for dinner last night.  to the tune of $102 and change. yikes.  i split it with tom and handled the tip.    so, cassie did come home, just not in time to make it to summer school.  says she will do the second session.  i have my doubts.  hasn’t kept her word about anything lately.  wade is not actually living here – is sharing an apartment with 2 other guys.  and working as a dishwasher in a very nice restaurant downtown (placerville).  all those brains and talent washing dishes.  oh well.  he is just not ready to fully be ‘in the world’, so to speak – as in having to interact with people/public so much.   they will all find their own way.  in the meantime, they are taking advantage of their last opportunity to be non-responsible.  do nothing, eat and drink whatever and whenever, etc etc.  i can only trust, as i did with their father, that somehow we have given them what they need to succeed and they will step into being adults eventually.  my concern is that the counter influence from the other side of the family may not be the best for them.  BUT – that is my very biased opinion!!

i took some pictures of the yard – mind you, this is not a yard in the normal sense, like clearly defined and manicured. ^_^  it is a somewhat clear and somewhat defined space at one end of an equally loosely defined yard in the middle of two completely ‘wild’ acres.  and believe it or not, it sits in the middle of town.  a very rare find, and i love it!  total privacy and still only 5 minutes from necessities!  how divine!! ^_^

the first one includes the chair i am going to paint – yellow!  i started to just sand it, and then decided to borrow the new air compressor to de-bug it.  however, there are no nozzles for the compressor, so tom suggested i use the power washer.  well, that stripped that puppy good!!  course then it had to sit in the sun to dry.  this chair is a ‘dump rescue’ from the days when by brother and i would make regular visits to the petaluma dump.  it was our ‘outing’ when i would go to visit.  we found lots of good stuff, did lots of fun projects together as a result of our finds! ^_^  in the cage behind the chair is my ‘red’ flower collection.  besides the two ‘normal’ lillies, there is a hybrid tiger lily (posted earlier) and a ‘flowering maple’.  IT is usually towering over the others, but it  got severly frosted in january and is a mere shadow of its former self – still, now blooming again.  oh, and that’s the ginko tree behind the chair.  i think i will see if i can get it planted in the ground this fall – when it might be possible to dig a hole in that rock hard ground.

this one is taken from just in front of the door/front porch and shows the area under the front plum tree (the area where the chair usually sits) and the mound garden beyond (used to be a pile of debris!  it finally decomposed enough and i found enough dirt in the composter to cover it all!).

the last picture is of the still non-functioning hot water heater.  grrr. yes, i did take a shower, finally.  had to go up there, but it had reached emergency status!  we (tom) will switch out the heating elements, again.  found out we could have possibly fried the new ones by not having the tank completely  ‘air pocket’-free.  sounds a tad unlikely to me, to burn them both – still, we shall see.  and we now have two sets of all parts required – maybe there is a magic combination??  geeeezzzz  lovely setup, don’t you think. ^_^waterheater.jpg

so, with this lovely picture, i will wrap it for today. (that is the second plum tree, also heavy with fruit)   time to get ready to go be professional again.  yeah, right! ^_^

love and beauty!