ok, we give up!  today i will be purchasing a new hot water heater.  could have saved time and money if i had just done that to begin with.  but, replacing parts has worked before – and eliminates the next problem of what to do with the dead one.  yes, take it to the dump – and pay the fee, and requires a licensed vehicle capable of carrying it, etc etc.  it’s always something, indeed!

finished priming  the chair – except for one side of one piece, grr.  noticed it as i was walking bobbie back up the path and we were checking out what i had done.  kinda was wishing she had noticed and commented – oh well.   sometimes friends just can’t be everything you’d like.  some of it ya just have to provide for yourself.  i’m learning.

ok, i am on the laptop, so no pictures in this one.  maybe later i’ll get one of the chair.

love and beauty