that has to be one of the brightest yellows i have ever seen ^_^  love it – pure sunshine.


 that’s only the first coat, and on the underside.  not been a greatly productive day.

i took this picture the other day, and it’s still blooming, so thought i’d go ahead and share the picture.  these are 3 little cacti that belong to the woman my son was with when i first moved out here.  (we are still friends)  when she left, she asked me care for these.  that was several years ago.  i think this is the second time this one has bloomed.  late last year she moved into her own apartment – no roomie of any kind, for the first time.  so, i bought a redclay pot (about the shape of the bread pan they are in) to put them in.  first problem, h.d. didn’t have the cactus soil when i first went for it.  second problem, i have now never gone to visit her.  she is a busy person also.  guess i will send her this picture also!


just returned from h.d. – without the water heater i went to purchase.  the new ones are 8 inches taller than the one i have.  soooo, will have to discuss this with tom – can’t fit it under the pipes that are there, that’s for sure.  he’s probably going to suggest i go back to that same hardware store where we bought this one.  i suspect it has more to do with the passing years than the particular store!  aaaarrrrggghhh  maybe i will call and see if they are still open and ask them to check the dimension!

feeling grungy again – was planning a shower in my own place tonight at some point.  too many people up there now, what with all the teens being ‘at home’.  guess i should have just done it earlier today – don’t think those girls get up much before noon!  so, will do it while adults are watching tv, later. grrrr

love and beauty! ^_^