trying to drag myself back to home depot – and this time i will purchase that hot water heater.  tom thought about it last night and decided to just bite the bullet and redo whatever plumbing he must in order make it fit.  that decision made while he was going back into the new dishwasher (in the new kitchen) installation to find and correct a leaking fitting somewhere.  poor guy.

well, the chair now has two coats of yellow – it may even glow in the dark. ^_^  i’m glad neither of my brothers can see the paint job i did.  they would be ‘agast’, to say the least.  several runs/drips  – oops.  and i even forgot to sand the top side!!  i realized it as i was applying the primer and said – oh, heck – will do it before i apply the yellow.  need i say my memory worked about the same as usual these days.  so, you can see the little hairs all covered with paint (a result of the power washer).  c’est la vie.  i’m certain i will enjoy sitting in it just the way it is.

i did manage to do a couple stitches on the mini for the opp quilt.  one piece on, a second started.  not exactly progress.  and some time today i need to work on the class sample.  i’m thinking it should be just a little more complete for the class in tracy this saturday.  just checked, i do have enough patterns for a class of 20.  if i get myself to office max, perhaps i will go ahead and get more anyway.  have another class in two weeks – in scotts valley, near santa cruz.  that one is in judy’s sewing center and open to the public – if you’re in the area. ^_^

did go use the shower up there – in deference to the employees at h.d.  no sign of life other than critters.  it wasn’t noon yet – too early for teenagers! ^_^  what a luxurious life kids lead these days – at least ‘mine’.  my mother would have had me up and working for hours by now!!

well, that was interesting.  i tried to download a picture of tom, just because i’m always dropping his name here.  it was a picture taken with my cellphone and wordpress wouldn’t let me download it – didn’t meet security standards.  do i feel safer?????  do you? hmmmm

love and beauty