i decided to spend this day in preparation for the class in tracy on saturday.  all of the tubs were in their usual state of chaos after the last show.  plus, i don’t take everything when i go for a class – try to keep the hauling in to a minimum, while still having enough product – just in case. ^_^  so there is sifting ans sorting to do.

however, i also thought i would allow the day to flow on its own to some degree.  that resulted in (first) my heading out with the oleander drawing to make some changes.  when i did it, the first blossom i chose had 6 petals.  i didn’t even think about it until i moved to the second one.  IT only had 5 petals, and it seemed that everywhere i looked, so did all the others – except for that one i had drawn.  i kept checking, thinking i had mistaken a folded over petal for two different ones – on that day, i was convinced there were 6.  so i left it.  however – today, as i looked at them from in here – i had doubts.  i went out to check and could not find ANY blossoms with 6 petals. hmmm  so, decided to ‘edit’ the drawing.  i erased that blossom before heading back out.  so, here is the next version – added more leaves and a half-open flower.  this could, or could not, be the final version.  we’ll see what happens when i do the tracing to have a nice clean drawing – and attempt to number the pieces, etc.


i will probably have to ‘roll’ the framing circle to the left a little.  this will be an addition to the nearly nouveau series.  there is also a cyclamen drawn and awaiting finalization.  it may get enlarged on the copier before i retrace it – am thinking i would like the flower to fill the circle more.

and here is the chair – i did sit in it to have my breakfast this morning.  still have to paint the plastic green one.  too hot now and i decided i needed to attend to ‘real’ work today.


it’s a happy place to be, under the shade of the (very ‘pregnant’) plum tree and next to the flowers. ^_^  the plum brances are so heavy they now hang down like an umbrella.

love and beauty,