i have now completed everything i said i wasn’t going to do today – in addition to the things i DID plan to do – and when i sat down here to fire up the computer, it was just after 11:30!!! 
had one of ‘those’ nights – awoke about 1:30 and finally gave up sometime after 3:00.  by 5:00 i had finished the remaining work work i needed to do to be ready for the class.  the birds were beginning to awaken and there was a hint of light – i considered going back to bed, then just made my coffee, fed critters and sat down to journal instead.  once i had finished that, i read for awhile.  still not sleepy. soooo
headed up to begin the screen door project.  now i have to tell you, my screen door was just plain disgusting shabby.  (no ‘chic’ about it!!)  there was more packing tape and open space than screen, i think.  yes, mr pepe thought it was done just for him (actually mostly done BY him!)  my buddy erv had come over yesterday to build the platform for the new ‘shelter’ in which the extra refridgerater is going to sit – but that’s another story. ^_^  he took the door off for me.  the hinge pins were not ones that could be removed, so had to remove the hinge from the doorframe.  we carried it up to the big house so i could use the flat surface of the carport when i got ready to install the new screening.
well, when my son came home, he promptly moved it to the ‘junk pile’ – all the stuff removed from the old kitchen, etc.  just go buy a new one, says he – only $38 at h.d.  hey, nothing wrong with this one – butt ugly, yes.  but fits right in with everything else about this cottage!  and fully functional (with new screening), latch fits strike plate, board at the bottom discourages lizards, etc.  ^_^
so, up i went while it was still cool – even verging on chilly, then.  got the old (what was left of it) screen out and discovered the new, pet strength screening was thicker and neither the spline i removed nor the new stuff would fit in the slot.  aaarrrgh.  off to h.d. – in dirty t-shirt and flannel pj-type pants.  hey, i’m workin’ here!  don’t look any worse than those contractors!  back home (whew, didn’t see anyone i knew), and on the third attempt, managed to get the first edge in straight enough to keep going.  carried it back down and reinstalled it – all by myself!!!  a few minutes ago, i went to hang a rag on the raling to dry and came close to slamming my hand into the screen – i really was used to that big hole there! ^_^  i wish i had taken a before picture, as it would make this one so much more impressive – but, for the sake of posterity – here it is anyway. ^_^

door.jpg  no, it doesn’t lean,  guess i didn’t have the camera level.

i also got the first coat, actually whole can, of paint on the plastic chair. been wanting to try the new krylon fusion paint i’ve seen advertised.  yes, it does look a little chartreuse at the moment.  need at least one more can!

green.jpg  i will let you know if it turns out as advertised.

as for the hot water heater – here is the progress

progress.jpg  well, it’s out of the van and CLOSE to where it belongs.  it’s all relative, ya know! ^_^

love and beauty!