i mean, how do they do that???  when i was younger, if you bought a pink petunia, well, it gave you pink flowers – right??  i don’t know if you can see this clearly, but that one plant has both pink and purple blossoms – one of each!  amazing.


it is hot – i am hot – and tired.  did take a short nap, but was awakened by sophie barking and then the sound of a man’s voice outside my bedroom window.  now, it’s one thing to find this place from the front.  i mean, you have to know where you are going to know it’s here – but at least the walk is ‘civilized’ – yes, a dirt path, but clear.  coming into here from the back – now that’s a whole different story.  a very steep climb thru nothing but wild stuff – lots of blackberries and who knows what else!  turned out to be an employee of one of those companies pg&e engages each year about this time – to check for trees interferring – or even THINKING about interferring – with power lines.  been the source of more than one fire, i guess.  drives me nuts.  hate people cutting on the trees.  this guy followed the line up – he was definitely as surprised as i was!  i don’t have a back door – so i had to talk with him out the (unscreened) bedroom window.  ^_^   well, try to talk over sophie’s loud barking.  she was not about to stop!  there really should NOT be anyone out there!

ok, i am definitely tired.  it was a very short nap and it has been hot and i have done a good bit of work.  did drag myself to the store – needed coffee. ( that would have been a real problem in the morning.)

and it is now the next morning.  this old computer has its problems and i was unable to complete the posting last night – so, here ya go.  and i must be on the road again now – ta ta for now.  have a great day!

love and beauty!