there is hot water, at last.  took most of tom’s day and two trips to h.d.  the little ‘house’ the tank sits inside also has a new (plywood) door with a latch – not two pieces of plywood nailed on that had to be removed each time access was required.  guess i need to get some kind of paint on it before the rains come back this fall.  i will use whatever i can find around here – not like it has to match anything!  i am really looking forward to going to bed all squeaky clean and not having to trek up the path!

i did get 4 more bags of river rock and have now enlarged the rock covered space outside the door.  hoping to cut down on the amount of debris that gets carried into the house on various feet – both furry and shoe’d. ^_^ 

 other than that, not been a real productive day, for me.  been working on that mini for the opp quilt.  have realized this design will not work as a published pattern – not as drawn.  some of those ‘stamen’ pieces are just too small.  i have been able to do them, but only because i used a very stable fabric that also is nearly covered in metallic gold.  i discovered, as suspected, trying the same thing with ‘normal’ fabric did not work.  there are similarly small pieces on the petals – the ‘beard’, if you will.  the one i tried just about totally shredded – so i ripped it off and found some of the metallic in the right color.  soooo, i will either have to enlarge or otherwise modify those pieces, or just enlarge the whole pattern and make it one of the larger ones.  we shall see.

well, as soon as i pinned the bugger up to take this picture, i realized why i was having so much trouble.  because it is a mirror image that includes leaves, each flower is much smaller than the other two mini iris designs (all done to fit inside a 6 inch circle)!! duh!!  don’t know if you can see those tiny pieces i was talking about – the things sticking up in the middle and the one on the petal on the right.  yikes.  yes, we will definitely have to reconsider this one, and see how it looks enlarged.  my only other concern is that i know this is one of the crest designs that geri has done.  that’s why i didn’t want to do it as one of the 13-14″ blocks. hmmm  maybe it will just be a one of a kind on the opportunity quilt!

mini-iris3.jpg  that piece pinned at the upper left is the center petal.  the color here looks a little too orange.  i didn’t turn on the big lights for the picture, just used the flash and the lightening it up also turned it orange.  it’s more rust (as in more brown)

love and beauty,