ok, about the close call first.  for those of you who consider these critters to be docile and harmless – trust me, not always the case!  this lovely lady who is looking at me because i am talking to her cause she is just outside my bedroom window – was, just prior to this picture being taken, doing her best to cause bodily harm to ms mocha – the chahuahua who pretends to be a great dane. i guess any ‘being’, who imagines itself to be threatened(or is protecting its young) – is dangerous!

i had seen the deer just outside the studio window and encouraged her to leave – so she kind of strolled to the back.  i then heard mocha barking and went to the door to call her inside – that’s when i heard the rustling of leaves – a sound caused by something large moving quickly around.  yep, there she was again – and not at all happy with that dog bugging her!  there was an additional encounter before i managed to get mocha inside – and the deer moved to the back and into the vegetation – tho not far away.  i kept an eye on her, and sure enough, she worked her way back into the yard – and that’s when i took the picture.  after the picture, i pointed my finger  and again asked her to leave.  i thought she had.

deer.jpg and so i left to attend to errands, tho with some concern for the wellbeing of my flowers.

about being pissed!

well, sure enough – she really had NOT left – and given her earlier aggressive behavior, could be there were youngins also in the vacinity.  when i returned home i found this plant ‘carnage’.  damn!  i plum forgot to purchase that liquid fence smelly stuff – to at least give those poor flowers a fighting chance!

half-done.jpg  a kind of ‘before and after’ since she only ate half of this box. the scond box is totally leveled.

begonias.jpg useful info – begonias don’t seem to be on her menu.  and i guess she also doesn’t care for those little purple flowers.  guess i can count on a little color remaining.

no-safe.jpgand these poor petunias didn’t even have a chance to get planted!

on-table.jpgeven one small impatiens in a pot on the table!

as for the mound garden – not one petunia blossom left.  the plants will survive – guess she knows that and will come back another time.  by then i hope to have sprayed – and hope it helps.  oh, she also didn’t touch those other plants whose name i do not know.  you know, i didn’t check out the flowers up by the  big house.  hmmm.

love and beauty,