July 2007

need to get to it here, but thought i would post the picture of the black eyed susan with its new overlay/frame.  it certainly makes those flowers pop!

lots to do today in order to be ready to head out on wed.  feeling a little ‘nervous’ about being on the road for 2 weeks – and some concern for mr. pepe home alone for that long.  suspect the cat from the big house will figure out i am gone and come in to feast on pepe’s food and who knows what.  probably loves sleeping on my bed.  i have asked bobbie to stop in if she is up this way and just make sure he still has food.  he can drink from the fountain outside.

sure hope i remember everything important for the booth!  i can purchase whatever i forget for myself – hmm, do need a third show outfit.  the other two are still in the van.

susan2.jpgand now i’m really going to get to work – ok, shower and breakfast first.  tend to forget to do that sort of thing and just start working!

love and beauty

i am happy to report that i once again have indoor plumbing!  not one of the most pleasant jobs ‘we’ have had to do.  poor tom had to do most of it.  my efforts to vacuum everything out of the holding tank with the lid still on it were less than wonderful.  the shop vac did not work with the end of the tube fully submerged and there was not enough room in the opening to move the end of the hose properly or to see exactly where it was relative to the top of the water, etc.  not to mention there was the problem with ‘suction’ not working so well once the hole was plugged with the sucking tube.  one time it actually drained the toilet and still didn’t empty the tank.   i can say that all the sewer treatment stuff used in the rv holding tanks did help!!!  still – a whole lot less than ‘pleasant’.  and he had to drill all the bolts out of the cover because all the heads had rusted beyond being useful – socket would just spin, nothing to hold onto.  and it was HOT out there!  sooo, just don’t ever forget what a luxury it is to have indoor plumbing!!  i mean, i couldn’t even run a faucet!   need i say that shower felt heavenly yesterday! ^_^

so, i have cut kits till i’m blue in the face, so to speak.  now i must just concentrate on getting ready to leave – for two shows and being on the road for about 2 weeks!  yikes!!  yes, i am feeling some degree of panic.  i must leave wed, no later than noon.  will drive to hugo/grants pass area where there is a very nice rv park.  then thurs will do the final 5 hours to newport and then setup when i get there.  fortunately i will be staying right there, as they have moved the show to the fairgounds.  i am happy about that!  another 3 day show.  on sunday, after teardown, i will drive down to waldport to the rv park where i normally stay when up there.  tiny place on the alsea river – lovely owners, etc.  not sure what day i will head down to florence.  it’s only 40 miles, so could wait till the last day.  then again, i may want to see if i can stay near the beach for a day or so.  we shall see.  i’d love to stay where i did last year, but they have converted that one to some kind of leased deal.  just too bad for us ‘poor’ folks!  it was right on a beach, literally!  about 20 steps from rv to sand! bummer.

ok, i do need to get to it here.  am going to spend some time sitting – have been standing at the cutting table for a couple of days.  that is, if i can get pepe out of my chair.  would you look at this!  talk about relaxed!! (hmm, the thumbnail option is gone again)


love and beauty

ever since the day the new hotwater heater got installed i have been noticing the lights ‘flickering’.  and it has been a bit of a concern, to say the least.  i was pretty sure it wasn’t the tank,  and since it had begun before the fridge (also) got plugged in – i just wasn’t sure what it was.  until yesterday.  now, all this time i have also been monitoring the sewer (holding) tank because i noticed i wasn’t seeing the lights ‘flicker/dim’ and then hearing the pump.  then, yesterday afternoon as i stepped out the door – i could smell it.  and when i went over and lifted the board that covers the square hole in which the tank sits – sure enough, it had overflowed – which means the pump hadn’t come on.  then i realized i had not seen the lights flickering for the past two days – at least.  and i knew it was the pump that had been causing it.  for some reason it had been ‘shorting out’ or just working intermittantly ever since having been unplugged during the heater installation.

soooo, i drove straight to the rv and got the bottle of sewer tank treatment stuff!!  killed another bird with that stone and picked up the black eyed susan sample – as you may recall, i have a little problem there as well. 😦

initially i was heading to myra’s to do a fabric ‘exchange’ thing.  at the mini-market held here in sac, we had both ordered fabric – i to share and she ‘for’ me from manufacturers i am not ‘big’ enough to open an account with.  (sorry about that preposition there at the end, ms sedge). ^_^  so, i did that – and of course i came out on the short end and still owe her.  ^_^

once home, i added the sweetner to the sewer – and then a couple more doses later, just to be safe.  when tom came home, we went to h.d. to scope out new pumps (ouch).  he has refused to begin the awful job until tomorrow.  says he does not want to work all day and then come home and do THAT!  hmmm, wonder why? 🙂  however, we did juryrig the shop vac so I could empty the tank.  oh joy, what a lovely job.  fortunately the stuff i had added had done its magic and it was a lot less offensive than the last time i did it (by hand!! – ok, by bucket)

so now, i have, essentially – no indoor plumbing of any kind.  or would have none if i weren’t willing to pump it out again.  so, i am doing ‘grey water’ only and will have to walk the 100 feet or so up the path to the facilities in the big house.  ain’t life grand! ^_^

other than that, nothing  major a’happinin’.  i gathered all the fabrics to cut all the nearly nouveau kits.  i will cut several for each and take them with me to oregon.  i will have plenty of  ‘down’ time to fold at my liesure.  once the sun has come around to the west side and it’s too hot to be at the cutting table, i will remove the current overlay from the susan and replace it.  more ‘oh joy’. ^_^

it’s always something! 

 here is the path i must walk.  only this picture was taken in april and what was green (on the ground) is now not.  now dusty.

uppath.jpg  love and beauty

i guess i brought all these clouds down with me!  it was not lovely cool in eureka – it was hot and very very humid!  everyone kept saying how atypical it was for them, never seen it before, etc.  didn’t make it much easier to deal with during setup.  and the building was not airconditioned.  at least there was still a breeze – but it was still sooooo sticky!

show went well for me even tho there were no shoppers to speak of on sunday – lots of folks came, just not to shop.  still, i did ok.  made my b.a.m. ^_^

also, was able to stay right there – how nice not to have to unhook and drive each day!!  and there were no races saturday night! yea!  i was at the far end – away from the gate and the busy street and looking at the horses cause no one parked on that side of me.  in fact, i had a space between me and the next rig the whole time – just different rigs.  and lots of walking space for sophie.  it took me about 6 1/2 hrs to get up there, and then 4 hrs to set up, and then a short break before the evening deal from 7-9.  needless to say i was dog tired that night.  i took my time on the way back and just enjoyed the redwoods on hwy 101.  it’s a nice drive until you get to willets, then less interesting until clearlake area.  once you turn onto hwy 20 and head toward i-5 – mostly lots of brown hills and winding road for about 80 miles.  then onto i-5 and just flat till sacramento.    i hadn’t timed it the best, so was concerned.  one of the last times i made that trip down i-5 and got to the airport just at 4 p.m. i ran into a major traffic jam that turned a 45 min drive into over 2 hrs!  my heart sunk as it looked like it was happening again, but it turned out to be an accident and once past that, it was fine.  was really glad not coming the other way!  both i-5 and hwy 50 were totally jammed.  i passed one accident on 50, farther away (east of) from sac.  at that point my side looked nearly empty!  i was wondering if something had happened back the other way that was preventing folks from getting thru sac – i mean, it was nearly totally clear!  more like middle of the night – never at 5 p.m.!! lucky for me, tho!

had to take all the product tubs out of the rv to bring home – have a lot of cutting to do again.  this time i must prepare for 2 shows at once – as i won’t come home between newport and florence (oregon).  i also have to start planning for piqf and houston – so need to cut the full set of 8 each time and stash the extras.  the way time is flying by, it will be mid october before i turn around again!

just got the overlay fabric for the black eyed susan – or thought.  not the right color!  dang.  it’s a darker gold/brown than what i used for the sample.  i kind of like it – it matches the (flower)center fabric exactly.  i am thinking i may use it anyway – which would mean removing the overlay that’s on the sample now – which means at least partially removing and resewing a couple of leaves that spill over into the overlay.  otherwise, need to figure out what to do with this bolt – and pay for the other one – plus shipping, etc etc etc.  neither option is all that appealing. 😦  choose the lesser of two evils, as they say!  i’ll stick a copy of that picture in here (again), so you can see what i’m talking about.

susan.jpghmmm, looks like 4 leaves over the edge.  rats.  still, i just might even like it better – not so bright. ??

love and beauty

i survived my 3 minutes on stage – and with some degree of success beyond survival, i might add. ^_^  even bobbie told me i had done well!

i did not get any bookings, however, there did seem to be several people interested – maybe some will even  visit the webpage and order??  and maybe there will be an invitation to a new quilt show??  also, someone took information from each of us(our handouts) to take to the southern calif version of this same thing.  there is always a table available for literature from teachers who cannot make it to the ‘on stage’ thing.

after the gig, we headed out for lunch!!  much needed by moi – as usual i had not allowed time for eating before we left!  we went to the same french rest. we had been to a couple of other times when in that area.  i splurged – and it was even kinda healthy!  broiled trout and lots of veggies/salad.  yum!  and a ‘typical; french dessert of fruits and cheese.

the drive home was safe and as quick as traffic would allow – it was almost 3:00 by the time we hit the freeway and that means the beginning of rush hour out here!  not terrible, just quite heavy – couple of slow downs/stops, etc.  home by about 5:00.

i did manage to get most of the kits folded – not all.  must finish those today – plus a million other things!  heading out at dawn for eureka!  that means, besides all the final gathering and packing – it all must get moved to the rv.  and i have to do laundry – or go buy more undies! geeezzz.  so the washer is already doing its thing and once i have finished this, i will print covers for those kits!  if i don’t have enough pattern copies, i am going to just pull some from the (packaged) patterns in the garage – then will do the office max run next week!  i really do need to clone myself!  way too many things to handle. ^_^

no pics today.  will take the camera and see what i can take while gone.  weather has really cooled here, so it won’t be the ‘relief’ i was looking forward to being close to the coast.  still, the drive up 101 will be nice.  should take about 6 hours from here.  setup begins at noon.  then, they have an evening ‘gala’ from 7-9.  not looking so forward to that.  those things never do so well for the vendors – truth is, everyone just wants to see their own quilt hanging – not shop.    at least there will be free food. ^_^

ok, off to it

love and beauty

just finished cutting all the floral (nearly nouveau) kits and now must sit and fold.  thought i’d take a break before i do that, as it will take me all evening, at least.  and i will have to go to bed early!  tomorrow is ‘meet the teachers’ and i must go do my 3 minutes on stage.  we have to leave bobbie’s house at 7:00 A.M.!  yikes.  that means i must leave here by 6:40 at the latest.  which means i am up very very early if i do my usual morning routine!  that is my coffee and journal session – and i’ll probably do the ‘weather report’ type writing tonight and only share whatever feelings in the morning – no rest for the weary. ^_^

another scary afternoon – lots and lots of sirens, and the planes overhead.  this time i did see smoke, and it seemed too close for comfort.  brittany got an email from someone who told her there was a fire close to us.  it was actually more ‘downtown’ and on the other side of the highway.  in the same area as the house that burned on the 4th – in which the mother of (&)my youngest grandchild were living!!  somehow her downstairs apartment was not fire damaged, not sure about smoke, etc. (and they were not at home!) the house upstairs lost 3 rooms.  like i have said before – fires around here this time of year are not something exciting to go watch!!

the plums are quickly ripening and dropping fast.  seems a little early.  they are so juicy you must lean over and let the juice fall to the ground (or sink), or ruin whatever you have on! ^_^  the apple tree, which does not ripen until about thanksgiving (nick name is Christmas apple), has some long branches that needed to be pruned but i couldn’t reach them with anything i had.  they are now nearly touching the ground.  perhaps would be except the deer have eaten away the ends.  they don’t get red, stay a soft green with a blush.  tart and crisp – very good.  have added them to the stuffing, along with some walnuts.  yummy.

plums.jpgi took this before the plums were getting ripe.  don’t know if you can see how many there are – lots!!

 love and beauty,

well, the show is over, teardown complete and the long drive back home safely accomplished. ahhhhh  and it was a very successful show. i think i may be able to pay everything this month, given i still have one more show to go!!  now that’s how i spell relief!!! ^_^

today will be busy.  it’s applique day at my local shop – my informal class day that i offer each 1st and 3rd monday of the month (when i am in town).  drop in, sit and sew or pick my brain (which may cost you $15 if we work on a project kinda like a class).  one woman at the show yesterday said she was coming today – we shall see.  if she doesn’t show, i won’t stay until 2:00 cause i have plenty to do to get ready for the show in eureka!!  lots of kits to cut.  if i can get everything cut and all the covers printed – and patterns gathered(hopefully i have what i need, or it will also mean a trip to office max) – i can fold and stuff in the evenings in the rv.  no rest for the weary. ^_^

no, did not remember to take the camera – darn.  i really did want to get some pics.  that winery is so nicely setup and the area is just so pretty on its own!  lots of BIG round top hills that are golden brown now and sprinkled with the broccoli trees (ok, they are really our oaks, they just look like brocolli) yes, i spelled it both ways – can never remember which is correct! ^_^

i also must print some things to be ready for my 3 minutes on stage on wed.  it’s “meet the teachers” day at ncqc (northern calif quilt council) – the event that guild program chairs attend to line up teachers and programs for their guilds.  i offer my basic applique class, a jacket class and a ‘trunk’ show.  and i get 3 minutes to tell them so.  yes, i do get nervous!! ^_^

ok, gotta go for now.

love and beauty!

well, i must say today was a much better day!!  i sold two of the 3 jackets!  and within about 1 hour of each other.  i have never sold 2 in one show, let alone in one day!!  i am very happy!  i have now met my bottom line, b.a.m. for the show and have one more day to go!  yes, it is sunday and it could be slow – still, it is gravy, whatever it is!  well, ok. not quite that in terms of what i need to pay the bills this month! ^_^

also, a little hotter today and no breeze until around noon.  that gave the flies a chance to join us and they decided to stick around all day – pesky critters.  not so used to them anymore as we don’t have any here – or didn’t until this year.  still, not so many – i mean i don’t even have a screen on that bedroom window!  tom has caught a bunch on a trap and flypaper, but that is up near the garbage cans.  i think it’s just a result of more houses near us – people generate garbage and flies love it!!

no, didn’t remember the camera and probably won’t tomorrow.  trust me, the winery is very nice. ^_^

ok, frozen dinner ready, and i am ready to veg, eat and have a little vino.

love and beauty,


ok, day one of the quilt show in murphys is complete.  can’t say i exactly broke the bank – i can say the weather was heavenly!!  this is the 3rd time they have held the show at the winery in murphys.  the first year i nearly died just getting set up – not exactly an exageration, i mean, if i hadn’t noticed i was feeling a little strange and found a place to cool off!!  last year, i had some amount of shade, but it was still just too hot.  this year, temps hanging below 95 and there is even a breeze.  i have the same shady spot – mostly cause i said i wasn’t coming back if i didn’t get it. ^_^

why am i still going there, you might ask!  well, it is fairly close, not very expensive and definitely helps the cash flow situation.  altho, not so much today!  since it is a 3 day show, i will end up ok.  just a lot of driving.  if you are in the general area – it’s at ironstone vineyard – it’s a very pretty area.  haven’t checked out the quilts, so can’t comment on that.  there are probably 12 – 15 vendors.  i also have not checked out the ones inside, so don’t know how many.  there are 6 outside, i think 6.

maybe tomorrow i will add a picture or two – if i remember to pack the camera.  show starts at 9:00, which i think is early – means i must leave here before 7:30.  was nearly late today!  7:20 when i left!!  never was good in the morning.  used to be i couldn’t get out of bed – now i just spend too much time journaling and reading daily guide, etc. etc.   i mean, now that i get up early i had to find some way to still be late! ^_^

 love and beauty

as in the weather.  very heavily overcast and looking like rain.  no big deal in some places – totally atypical here in july,  so it looks and feels very strange.

it was wonderfully cool and the class went very well – in scotts valley. there were 7 people and all seemed well satisfied and inspired.  they were all doing very nice invisible stitches. ^_^  now all they need to do is continue to practice the needle turning – and they were doing great at that as well.  some were struggling with those sharp outside points.  it will come – especially if they finish that working piece provided with the class. 

 i drove down on friday and stayed at the owners’ home – of which i snuck a few pictures early sat morning.  i was trying to show how beautiful the surroundings were – and didn’t get any good shots of the house.  it was much nicer than it shows here.  lots of big windows on the front and back – and a huge floor to ceiling stone fireplace on the back wall between the floor to ceiling windows.  with nothing but trees on the steep hillside outside those windows.  lots of redwoods, lots of quiet – 10 miles out of town and in the mountains on a road about as wide as a single driveway – and behind a gate.  no close neighbors.  my kind of heaven to say the least!!

ok, for some reason i am not getting the thumbnail option, so i guess it’s gonna be big.


obviously taken from the deck (where my steak was cooked to perfection) and to the front of the house – wanted to show those big trees.

sv2.jpgmaybe someone can explain to me howcome this one included the thumbnail option?  i sized them the same.  once again from the side of the house, that’s my lovely little van on the left. ^_^

sv3.jpgjust wanted to be certain i really got those trees^_^

these are the santa cruz mountains and the homes are nestled in amongst the trees.  it was one of the places we looked for a house at the very beginning of the search.  all of what we saw was fabulous, tho lots smaller than this one – and on roads that i’m not certain were paved?  they all looked like summer cabins that had been (crudely) converted to full time homes.  very expensive and not suitable for including a ‘grannie flat’ – not to mention the 3 kids and going to school, etc.  it would never have worked even if within our price range – still, weather sure is fabulous!!!

love and beauty

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