i haven’t written in a long time – not here.  have another blog at zaadz that i have been writing in/on??? whatever.  no real ‘quilting’ action, tho i have been working on a block for the opportunity quilt (i am designing)  perhaps i’ll take a picture and include it here.

i am off to teach in scotts valley this weekend, at judy’s sewing center – open to the public. ^_^  last i checked there was still space available.  i will leave sometime tomorrow and stay at judy’s home – probably drive back saturday night after class – traffic will be lighter, i think.  sunday there could be even more than the normal weekenders returning home, what with it being the 4th yesterday.

fireworks were lovely right here in town.  small town, small budget, so not as long as bigger deals – still wonderful to me.  part of the finale was filled with the ones that hugh in diameter and the colors and layers made them look like gigantic mums like you see in the asian fabrics these days (ones i often use) ^_^  and we were sitting very close to them, like i just love!!  and we were close to the back exit(of the  fairgrounds) and able to get out and home very easily – unlike the last time.  so, all in all – a good time was had by all! ^_^

i think i will just insert a picture of one of the original samples of the design i enlarged a bit for the opp quilt.  then, when this one is finished, will post it.


oops, didn’t get a thumbnail – not sure how that happens.  and, as it turns out, this is a fused sample!  one of those i do for the kits.

by the way, i may have struck at least a temporary deal with the deer.  a female was here again today and she ate only fallen plums and grass, etc.  i talked with her a bit and thanked her for leaving the flowers! ^_^

love and beauty