as in the weather.  very heavily overcast and looking like rain.  no big deal in some places – totally atypical here in july,  so it looks and feels very strange.

it was wonderfully cool and the class went very well – in scotts valley. there were 7 people and all seemed well satisfied and inspired.  they were all doing very nice invisible stitches. ^_^  now all they need to do is continue to practice the needle turning – and they were doing great at that as well.  some were struggling with those sharp outside points.  it will come – especially if they finish that working piece provided with the class. 

 i drove down on friday and stayed at the owners’ home – of which i snuck a few pictures early sat morning.  i was trying to show how beautiful the surroundings were – and didn’t get any good shots of the house.  it was much nicer than it shows here.  lots of big windows on the front and back – and a huge floor to ceiling stone fireplace on the back wall between the floor to ceiling windows.  with nothing but trees on the steep hillside outside those windows.  lots of redwoods, lots of quiet – 10 miles out of town and in the mountains on a road about as wide as a single driveway – and behind a gate.  no close neighbors.  my kind of heaven to say the least!!

ok, for some reason i am not getting the thumbnail option, so i guess it’s gonna be big.


obviously taken from the deck (where my steak was cooked to perfection) and to the front of the house – wanted to show those big trees.

sv2.jpgmaybe someone can explain to me howcome this one included the thumbnail option?  i sized them the same.  once again from the side of the house, that’s my lovely little van on the left. ^_^

sv3.jpgjust wanted to be certain i really got those trees^_^

these are the santa cruz mountains and the homes are nestled in amongst the trees.  it was one of the places we looked for a house at the very beginning of the search.  all of what we saw was fabulous, tho lots smaller than this one – and on roads that i’m not certain were paved?  they all looked like summer cabins that had been (crudely) converted to full time homes.  very expensive and not suitable for including a ‘grannie flat’ – not to mention the 3 kids and going to school, etc.  it would never have worked even if within our price range – still, weather sure is fabulous!!!

love and beauty