ok, day one of the quilt show in murphys is complete.  can’t say i exactly broke the bank – i can say the weather was heavenly!!  this is the 3rd time they have held the show at the winery in murphys.  the first year i nearly died just getting set up – not exactly an exageration, i mean, if i hadn’t noticed i was feeling a little strange and found a place to cool off!!  last year, i had some amount of shade, but it was still just too hot.  this year, temps hanging below 95 and there is even a breeze.  i have the same shady spot – mostly cause i said i wasn’t coming back if i didn’t get it. ^_^

why am i still going there, you might ask!  well, it is fairly close, not very expensive and definitely helps the cash flow situation.  altho, not so much today!  since it is a 3 day show, i will end up ok.  just a lot of driving.  if you are in the general area – it’s at ironstone vineyard – it’s a very pretty area.  haven’t checked out the quilts, so can’t comment on that.  there are probably 12 – 15 vendors.  i also have not checked out the ones inside, so don’t know how many.  there are 6 outside, i think 6.

maybe tomorrow i will add a picture or two – if i remember to pack the camera.  show starts at 9:00, which i think is early – means i must leave here before 7:30.  was nearly late today!  7:20 when i left!!  never was good in the morning.  used to be i couldn’t get out of bed – now i just spend too much time journaling and reading daily guide, etc. etc.   i mean, now that i get up early i had to find some way to still be late! ^_^

 love and beauty