well, i must say today was a much better day!!  i sold two of the 3 jackets!  and within about 1 hour of each other.  i have never sold 2 in one show, let alone in one day!!  i am very happy!  i have now met my bottom line, b.a.m. for the show and have one more day to go!  yes, it is sunday and it could be slow – still, it is gravy, whatever it is!  well, ok. not quite that in terms of what i need to pay the bills this month! ^_^

also, a little hotter today and no breeze until around noon.  that gave the flies a chance to join us and they decided to stick around all day – pesky critters.  not so used to them anymore as we don’t have any here – or didn’t until this year.  still, not so many – i mean i don’t even have a screen on that bedroom window!  tom has caught a bunch on a trap and flypaper, but that is up near the garbage cans.  i think it’s just a result of more houses near us – people generate garbage and flies love it!!

no, didn’t remember the camera and probably won’t tomorrow.  trust me, the winery is very nice. ^_^

ok, frozen dinner ready, and i am ready to veg, eat and have a little vino.

love and beauty,