well, the show is over, teardown complete and the long drive back home safely accomplished. ahhhhh  and it was a very successful show. i think i may be able to pay everything this month, given i still have one more show to go!!  now that’s how i spell relief!!! ^_^

today will be busy.  it’s applique day at my local shop – my informal class day that i offer each 1st and 3rd monday of the month (when i am in town).  drop in, sit and sew or pick my brain (which may cost you $15 if we work on a project kinda like a class).  one woman at the show yesterday said she was coming today – we shall see.  if she doesn’t show, i won’t stay until 2:00 cause i have plenty to do to get ready for the show in eureka!!  lots of kits to cut.  if i can get everything cut and all the covers printed – and patterns gathered(hopefully i have what i need, or it will also mean a trip to office max) – i can fold and stuff in the evenings in the rv.  no rest for the weary. ^_^

no, did not remember to take the camera – darn.  i really did want to get some pics.  that winery is so nicely setup and the area is just so pretty on its own!  lots of BIG round top hills that are golden brown now and sprinkled with the broccoli trees (ok, they are really our oaks, they just look like brocolli) yes, i spelled it both ways – can never remember which is correct! ^_^

i also must print some things to be ready for my 3 minutes on stage on wed.  it’s “meet the teachers” day at ncqc (northern calif quilt council) – the event that guild program chairs attend to line up teachers and programs for their guilds.  i offer my basic applique class, a jacket class and a ‘trunk’ show.  and i get 3 minutes to tell them so.  yes, i do get nervous!! ^_^

ok, gotta go for now.

love and beauty!