just finished cutting all the floral (nearly nouveau) kits and now must sit and fold.  thought i’d take a break before i do that, as it will take me all evening, at least.  and i will have to go to bed early!  tomorrow is ‘meet the teachers’ and i must go do my 3 minutes on stage.  we have to leave bobbie’s house at 7:00 A.M.!  yikes.  that means i must leave here by 6:40 at the latest.  which means i am up very very early if i do my usual morning routine!  that is my coffee and journal session – and i’ll probably do the ‘weather report’ type writing tonight and only share whatever feelings in the morning – no rest for the weary. ^_^

another scary afternoon – lots and lots of sirens, and the planes overhead.  this time i did see smoke, and it seemed too close for comfort.  brittany got an email from someone who told her there was a fire close to us.  it was actually more ‘downtown’ and on the other side of the highway.  in the same area as the house that burned on the 4th – in which the mother of (&)my youngest grandchild were living!!  somehow her downstairs apartment was not fire damaged, not sure about smoke, etc. (and they were not at home!) the house upstairs lost 3 rooms.  like i have said before – fires around here this time of year are not something exciting to go watch!!

the plums are quickly ripening and dropping fast.  seems a little early.  they are so juicy you must lean over and let the juice fall to the ground (or sink), or ruin whatever you have on! ^_^  the apple tree, which does not ripen until about thanksgiving (nick name is Christmas apple), has some long branches that needed to be pruned but i couldn’t reach them with anything i had.  they are now nearly touching the ground.  perhaps would be except the deer have eaten away the ends.  they don’t get red, stay a soft green with a blush.  tart and crisp – very good.  have added them to the stuffing, along with some walnuts.  yummy.

plums.jpgi took this before the plums were getting ripe.  don’t know if you can see how many there are – lots!!

 love and beauty,